ID this Canadian show for me, eh

It was a comedy show. It was set in a hunting lodge, and was a handyman/huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ how-to satire (Sort of like Home Improvement except funny and set in a lodge).
There were two presenters - one was a talkative guy who wore a red plaid shirt; the other was a silent guy whom I don’t remember much about. Talky guy and Silent guy would usually start the episode in the Lodge (building made of logs, mounted animal heads on the walls, benches and equipment around), and then go outside and attempt to demonstrate some procedure or other (like chopping wood or taming a horse) and fail miserably.
It would probably have been made about 15 to 20 years ago. It was freakin’ hilarious.

…Anyone know which show this was/is?

Sounds like Red Green except that Bill and Harold have been conflated.

Red and Harold do/did the speaking parts inside the lodge, and there were segments, once or twice an episode where Red would go out and do black and white (like filmed on an old home movie setup) bits called Adventures with Bill, where the ever-silent Bill would attempt to build something, or perform some athletic feat, narrated by Red and invariably resulting in serious injury/embarrassment for Bill and major property damage. Red often ended up injured, too.

So, I’ll say it’s the Red Green show, but over the years, you’ve forgotten parts and conflated others.

You’re definitely talking about Red Green - just with some parts a little mixed up.
They even had a movie!

And, suprisingly enough, the website is

That was a very funny show. Steve Smith is the master of the understated comic line.

(I do a very good Harold imitation. Waaaak.)

Thanks! You’re almost certainly right with the Red Green Show diagnosis - but looking at the website, the flavour of the comedy seems not as dry and dark as I remember it…no other possible Canadian shows? Of course, I saw this show a good 8 years or so ago, so it could well be the very show!

It’s changed a LOT over the years. It’s even changed names a couple times (The Red Green show, and the New Red Green Show, and then back to the original)

Back then (the first time it was the Red Green Show), it was much darker and drier. These days it’s targeted over a very large audience, which has in all honesty, lost my attention.

There really aren’t any other possibilities… Red Green is the show you’re looking for.