ID this (Christian?) group

The past two days, i’ve noticed a particular group of people in the supermarket at which I work. I’ve never seen this particular group in the past, making me wonder if they’re in town for a convention of some sorts or not.

It wasn’t just a single group of people shopping together. The largest group I saw was half a dozen together, but i’ve also seen individuals, couples, and families with children shopping together. All of them, regardless of age or condition, have been conservatively dressed - the men are always wearing suits and ties, the women long-sleeved blouses and long (nothing below mid-calf, anyway) skirts, and the children long sleeves and long pants.

The main thing that identifies them as a common sect is that they’ve all been wearing badges - laminated, clip-on, lavendar-colored badges that read “Let God’s Kingdom Come!” on the upper half, with a handwritten name in the lower half. I’ve never gotten close enough to any of them to read any of the names or stations they might have written on the lower half.

Based on this vague information, is there anyone out there who knows what particular sect this is that’s been shopping at my store lately?

They sound like Jehova’s Witnesses to me. I shared a flat with a JW once, the slogan sounds familiar.

This weekend is a nationwide convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses.