Jehovah's Witnesses standing on street corners?

lately around here (RTP area of NC) I see them on street corners giving out their magazines. Is this new idea for them or is it just new here? I assume they still go door to door as well but I have not had them at my door in around 10 years.

I’ve seen it for some years. IDK when it became a thing.

About 15 years ago, when I lived in the NYC suburbs, they used to hang out at bus stops, (so in my neighborhood, on the corner) and at train stations, handing out literature to commuters and passers-by. So no, it isn’t new.

No it’s not new, and I imagine this is slowly replacing the door to door approach as security issues become more problematic. These folks have to put in so many hours of proselytizing, and it’s no doubt much easier on everyone this street corner way.

Having grown up as JW, I know. You say you hate it when those Witnesses show up at your door? They don’t like doing it either.

I assume they do this only where they live ? As opposed to Mormons who can be shipped all over the world to knock on doors.

I’ve seen the same JW street set-up in several different European cities - identical design of stands and literature, language apart. I assume they were all local devotees.

Saw it for years when I lived in Toronto. They’d be on a downtown streetcorner, with their copies of “The Watchtower,” and plenty of pamphlets.

In fairness, such streetcorner Jehovah’s Witnesses never pushed anything. Oh, they were glad to talk with anybody who expressed interest, but they were certainly not “in your face” about it. The most they ever did was to say, “Good morning,” or a similar greeting, and leave it at that. Never a come-on, just a greeting. You could take them up on the implied offer to talk, or simply greet them back (“Good morning”) and keep walking, or just ignore them and keep walking. They weren’t offended, no matter what you did.

They’ve been a fixture of L.A. street corners for as long as I remember. I used to think it was some kind of scam, because nobody would ever talk to them, and they just stand there holding up their magazine. I thought maybe they got some kind of tax write-off. But I’ve come to realize that they’re probably just really devout, and don’t have anything else to do.

When I lived in South L.A., the JWs who came to my door usually couldn’t speak English, so I assume they were from the neighborhood. They were getting around entirely on foot.

they seemed happy to talk to me , I guess so few people stop to talk.

I find it funny that some Mormons are sent to Utah to knock on doors , coals to Newcastle I guess.

Former JW here. They’ve always been able to stand on corners but the roll out of their literature carts is a fairly recent development, maybe the past 4 years or so. They aren’t really supposed to speak unless spoken to. Only those deemed worthy can use the carts.

They are a cult. They utterly destroy families, people die over their policies, and they really do almost no good in the world even though many are nice people. Most people have no idea how extreme they are based on how they present.

so the carts are only used by the more experienced people? I saw 2 people with the cart one was in her 20s the other woman was probably around 50 .

You have to be “exemplary”, I believe. Either experienced or maybe a publisher meeting certain hour requirements for field ministry work. Or maybe just friends with the right people in your congregation.

They’ve been showing up on a local Rails to Trails bike path I often ride. They don’t have a cart but have a folding A-frame sort of stand with a sign and some pamphlets. They aren’t aggressive but do say “Hello.” to those passing by.

I find it annoying to have to ‘actively’ ignore them. I have thought about calling the managing authority of the trail to inquire whether this crap goes against the “No soliciting” rule posted on the boards at the trail heads.

Back in the late 70’s early 80’s the onsite manager of my apartment building was JW. I would often see him standing on the street corner downtown holding a magazine up for everyone to see. So, it’s not new.

not sure the people I saw 2 times had a sign but I knew who they were when I saw they were giving out the Watchtower magazine.

Weirdest situation with them was they knocked on my door and when I opened it they just launched into reading a Bible verse. No hello, no telling me who they were. I had to ask them who they were.

They stand outside in my hometown and at the bus terminal with their literature. Sometimes if I have a half hour to spare, I will talk with them. They literally cannot think outside their own box. If you tell them anything bad about the JW’s their response is always “That didn’t happen.”

@Annie - Anything that contradicts the worldview they have been given is Satan trying to trick them and must be dismissed. They cannot entertain anything you say. It could cause them to doubt, or to leave, which results in shunning. I got new information, realized they were full of it, left along with my wife, and we are shunned.

Not on street corners but in front of the library with a small table, a couple chairs, and racks full of literature.