ID this CNN reporter

This woman entered Afghanistan secretly, reporting on the general situation of women in the country. There was footage of executions in a soccer stadium shot by hidden camera among other horrors. The segment ran several times on Saturday, 6 Oct. Upon later discussion with my wife I had said that it was Christiane Amanpour, but my wife disagrees. However, she couldn’t come up with a name, either.

I’m sure any CNN junkie would have seen this report, can anyone tell me who the reporter was?


Google, “Afghanistan women executions stadium”, Hit #1. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’re referring to Beneath the Veil. If so, the reporter was Saira Shah.

Excellent show.


D’oh! If I had only been able to type a little but faster… :slight_smile:


Since the question has been answered already, let me just point out that DDG used Google to find a story that was 5 days old. Google is actually approaching real-time indexing of the web.

This is an OT nitpick so the mods may crush my little skull, but real-time indexing of the very few sites that account for the majority of user hits is not the same as real-time indexing of the entire web. Google does a great job, but they focus their efforts very carefully.

Thank you all for such fast responses. I didn’t even consider Google - couldn’t locate anything obvious enough on CNN so I came here.


… for proving her right, and me wrong.

[sub]but mostly me wrong[/sub]