ID this comedian on Comedy Central last night

There was a comedian on Comedy Central last night doing a riff on the Catholic Church pedophelia scandal. He proposed public crucifixion of the offenders as a way of atonement and of packing the pews on Sunday.

It was rude but kind of funny…epecially at the end, when he invited people to advocate the “pro-child-raping” viewpoint if they were offended by his monologue. “Nobody? Didn’t think so!”

It did seem to be sparked by outrage, like much good comedy (see Richard Pryor, et. al.)

But I don’t know his name – has anyone seen this?


That would be Christopher Titus, an extremely funny guy. That was his End of the World Tour, which I think is his most recent act and deals with his kids and the fucked-up world he brought them into. Also good is Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, which deals more with his parents and his past.

I’ll tell ya, I didn’t think you could make many funny jokes about criminally insane relatives, but the guy has me in tears every time I see or hear one of his acts.

He had a pretty funny show on Fox, too, called (appropriately) Titus, but they pulled the plug after three seasons.

I think all three seasons are available on DVD now, if you want to check it out. Stacey Keach plays his dad, and he is hilarious.

If you think he was rude, go youtube Louis C.K. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t see the new one but I loved Romeo is Bleeding. Just don’t watch the Comedy Central version, they cut the hell out of it.

Even then, it’s hilarious, but you’re right.

It’s funny this topic came up, because I just recently grabbed End of the World off and was listening to it today. It was about twice as long as the version I saw on Comedy Central, with many, many bits taken out either due to censoring or time constraints. It’s like it’s an entirely new act.

That was a truly great show. The only part I didn’t like was the girlfriend, and it may have just been that I was so jealous of her I couldn’t see straight.