ID This Flag, Please?

While out running a few weeks ago, I noticed a flag hanging over the front porch of a house on the block opposite. I can’t seem to find it online, and I’m curious if any of you could identify it.

From the top, it’s three horizontal stripes in black, white and green, with Arabic script on the middle (white) stripe. The pole side has a large red triangle that starts at the corners and meets its apex in the center of the flag.

Nothing in particular’s riding on this other than my curiosity. Now if you could answer me why the lady up the street (who I’m fairly sure is not Swiss) is flying the Swiss flag too… :slight_smile:

It’s a Palestinian flag. The black-white-green color scheme is very typical of Middle Eastern nations.

As tsarina noted: Palestine

The Flags of the world keywords index lets you look up features such as “triangles” on the T page.
The part near the pole is called the “hoist,” so you can scroll to “triangle: hoist (red)” and browse the flags that have that feature.

More information can be found on the Pan-Arab Colours page.

(Actually, I have not yet found a specific example with writing on it. Still looking.)

Palestinian was as close as I’d found when I was looking, but I couldn’t find any reference to script on the flag either.

At any rate, thanks for the swift replies. :slight_smile:

Some flags of muslim countries include the shahada, the testament of faith. That same site has this. Is that what you saw?

Hey, that is probably it, yes. My view of it is not the best–it’s actually up on the porch, hanging from the ceiling, and I don’t read Arabic in any event.

Thanks much. :slight_smile: