ID this guitar (from old Doors video)

(Note: This might belong in Cafe Society, but I am hoping for a factual answer)

Years ago I saw an old film of the Doors performing “Break On Through”. It looked like it was done in a studio, like an early video, and they looked very young. It must have been done before they hit it big with “Light My Fire”.

In any event, the guitarist, Robbie Krieger is shown playing a bizarre looking electric guitar which seemed to have a row of rocker-switch type buttons on the upper bout. Presumably they were there to allow the player to quickly get various effects, but I’m just curious as to what type of guitar that was. IIRC, even then, he normally played a Gibson SG. To be honest, it didn’t look like a very good guitar, which makes me wonder if it was a Vox, acquired when RCA gave them equipment after signing an abortive contract with the band?

Hmmm… someone at Google is apparently not a Doors fan. The first ad is “does your playing suck?”

Anyway, this isn’t much help, but I think I’ve seen that type of guitar, many many years ago. The switches were not for effects. They switched the wires of the pickups around so you could vary the phase of each pickup coil.

I don’t remember who made it, and my google skills are failing me, so that’s all I got, sorry.

Many possibilities:

  1. An Italian Eko guitar -

  2. Some Fender Jaguars in the mid sixties had several switches for changing pickup phase

  3. I believe some Ampeg and Burns models had switches to affect the phase, too.

  4. Futurama - Grazioso

  5. Goya

  6. There was a mid sixties Guild Thunderbird with a few switches -

7)Hagstrom had several guitars with switches - maybe the Impala ?

Other possibilities are Hofner, Standel, and the Vox Guitar Organ

Hope that helps.