ID this "Holiday Special"

A long time ago, I caught a late night airing of a ‘holiday special’. I saw this on a UHF station to give you an idea of the time frame.

Any way it was done in the style of a Rankin Bass, stop motion thing.

The two things I can remember was that the villan, Mr. Wrench, (A Monkey wrench that opened and closed to talk) stole all the presents from the North Pole.

The morning Santa and the elves went into the workshop to pack his sled went something like this

Santa (sees empty workshop) Oh my goodness! Who did this?

Elf #1 Hey! Who left the coffee pot plugged in?!

Elf#2 We all could have burned!

The entire thing was narrated by someone doing a pretty good Bing Crosby impersonation and at the end imagine the action and Bing saying.

Just then someone pulled up to Santa’s Workshop and who do you think it was?
That’s right! It was Dracula, that blood sucking boogey man and he sucked those elves dry.

The End

That’s about all I can remember because I was laughing and changing pants frequently during the show.

Wow! Did I stump the Dope?

I saw thins in the Early to Mid 80’s. I think it was channel 25 in OKC.

Possibly The Year Without Santa Claus (1974), a Rankin/Bass production.

No wrenches or vampires in there. I don’t think what Zebra saw is even listed at the IMDb.

[Brian Griffin]Are you sure you saw this? Are you sure what you saw was nothing?[/BG]

Seriously, I’ve tried Googling various combinations of terms and come up with nothing.

Now, I want to see this!

Are you sure this is a holiday special? I watch all that come on and I have never heard of this.

Is it possible it is an animated short from SNL or MAD TV?

This part just isn’t in keeping with any animated special I have ever seen. Dracula pulls up and kills all the elves and it ends? Even as a Halloween special, it doesn’t scan.

Are you sure you’re not conflating some stop-motion holiday special with Mad Monster Party?

Another link for *Mad Monster Party, with better pics. This was also a (very against-type) Rankin-Bass film.

Maybe it was a short on an SNL type show. Wasn’t Friday’s on in the time era? But I’m sure I was watching a UHF chanel and not a network station.
IF Mad Monster Party, did a Twisted Christmas show, this was it.

Fridays ran from 1980-82.