ID This Matchbox 20 or Maroon 5 Song Please...

Can someone tell me the song title to the video by Matchbox 20 or Maroon 5 (I mix them up) with the lead singer guiding a camel along through a good part of the video, as I recall? It’s gonna bug me…

Looks like it’s Matchbox 20’s Real World.

Don’t peg me as a Matchbox 20 fan, now. I Googled “matchbox 20 camel video”

What’s wrong with Matchbox 20? I loved their “Bent” video.

Rob Thomas: “Could you sympathize with my needs?”

Guy He’s Talking to (Muted): “I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Motherfucker.”

I’m just an idiot! I kept Googling “camel video” and got nothing remotely close.