ID This old TWILIGHT ZONE Episode?

I never saw the ending, anyone know what happened? It was about a crew of bank robbers, who had a unique plan: they wouls steal a shipemnt of gold bullion, then retire to a cave in the nevada desert. there, they had capsules which would allow them to hibernate for 50 years, at which time they would awake, reemerge, and divvy up the gold.
As I recall, the scheme was working, except that the truck they had stored lost its brakes 9the rubeer seals rotted our0, so they had to walk away from the cave.
Anybody know how it ended? Did the robbers enjoy the fruits of their enterprise?

That’s The Rip Van Winkle Caper. The robbers turn on each other, and finally only one is left alive. He staggers to a highway with as much gold as he can carry. A futuristic vehicle pulls up, and he offers all the gold for a ride into town. Then he dies. The twist: In the future, gold can easily be synthesized, and the gold bullion is worthless.

Of course not – this is TZ, after all. :slight_smile:

Wiki has a plot summary of The Rip Van Winkle Caper.

Why wouldn’t you just set your timer for 49 years?


‘One drink, one bar of gold. That’s the going rate today. Tomorrow it may go higher. But for now it’s one drink, one bar of gold.’

You mean, set your own timer early so you wake up and your compatriots are still asleep?

Well, if I were a paranoid crook, I’d have some scheme set up for that — set the timers on all the pods at once, then you draw straws to see who gets which capsule.

I think the idea is more that anything to get 'em past the statute of limitations and anyone who might still bear a grudge would be needlessly excessive.

IIRC, it was 100 years, and they had to cross the desert to civilization. The woman in the car seem bemused that anyone would think gold was still valuable.

Speaking of Twilight Zone, it could be coming to a theater near you, again.

You heard it here first!

That weird looking car-I recognized it! It was thw car that “Robbie” the Robot drove in “FORBIDDEN PLANET”.

Yep, and footage of the saucer ship from “Forbidden Planet” shows up in a few other episodes, sometimes turned upside-down to change it up a little. An actual saucer model from the film is seen in the Agnes Moorehead episode, “The Invaders”. Since “TZ” was filmed at MGM, a lot of sets and stuff from MGM films can be seen in various episodes.

Why should we believe you? You’re HITLER!

Except that each time I pick an episode, I’m told it’s “currently unavailable”.

Probably because you’re outside the U.S. There are ways around this.

Yep; and they also used the Forbidden Planet uniforms in at least two or three episodes. Not to mention Robbie himself. MGM sure got its money’s worth out of those props.


This could be a separate thread – if you had the greenlight to develop a feature-length picture out of one of the original “Twilight Zone” episodes, which one would you pick?

Good site!

I was hoping to watch I Am the Night—Color Me Black. Alas, it’s Season 5 and the site only goes through Season 3.