ID this piece of opera music (maybe)

I’m curious about the music playing during this flash animation on I’ve never heard it before, but it sounds like something halfway between “actual” opera music and something Ennio Morricone could have written (although it sounds like it’s in Russian). Also, it morphs rather seamlessly into a techno beat, which makes me wonder if it was intended like this. Does anyone know what piece it is?

Also, for those who watched the whole thing, the eery music at the end sounds very familiar: any ideas?

And, while we’re at it, for those who speak the language: what is he singing about?

From the faq

The tunes were: Cossack Patrol by Ivan Rebroff, Tanz Bruderchen by Hyperactive and Version by DMX Krew.


I can’t believe I missed the faq. Colour me stupid.

Thanks for getting me to give up several minutes of my life watching that animation. I’ll be committing suicide now.

Seriously? I rather liked it myself.