PleaseID This Classical Music Video!

I saw this really wonderful music video, late one night while half-asleep. It featured a musical composition by a Russian composer …could be Prokofief? Anyway, it showed an old Russian granfather and his young grandson, inside a cabin in the woods, deep in the winter night. They are staring at the fire…all of a sudden, the boy hears music, and runs to the window. Outside in the moonlight, there is a group of musicians playing klezmer-like tunes. The boy begs to go outside…so the two go outside, and the musicians start playing music…and the granfather recognizes them as old friends, appearing as they did in their youth. The granfather is delighted, and dances along. Later, they disappear, and the two realize it had been a dream.
Damn, this was so strange and wonderful…anybody see it? :eek:

Well, it certainly sounds interesting (and slightly reminiscent of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, what with the boy and the grandfather)–any chance you can check some follow-up with a sound clip? Prokofiev, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, are only some of the Russian possibilities.

Also–how long would you guess the video was? Was it one extended classical piece, or lots of different tunes? Did it look contemporary, or a little dated? Was it in color? Was it in English (or were there any words at all)?

It’s a long shot, but maybe we can glean something from your answers…

Although reminiscent of it, it certainly doesn’t sound like Peter and the Wolf. And I don’t recognise the story. My guess is that the music is unrelated to the story of the film.

Borodin sounds like a good bet. Go here for the *Polovotsian Dances - jump to 2:10 and 4:33 and see if it sounds familiar.

Rimsky-Korsakov in an outside possibility - there’s mp3s of his Cappriccio Espagnol here, and other samples here…and most of his other music sounds about the same :wink:

Also listen to the Hungarian Dances on the first of those links, especially nos. 4 - 7 (by Brahms, although it doesn’t say so on that page).

Another possibility is Smetana, Vltava - liten to the wedding section, 4:15 into the mp3 here

The video was in color, and I think the composition was something like “Mucis Upon A Hebraic Theme”…or something like that . I was all one piece…and I do think the composer was Prokofief.
It played on either BRAVO or A&E.

I found this, using the search words “Music Upon A Hebraic Theme”. Is that the music?

Dammit, Bloch, why didn’t I think of him! Sounds promising.