ID this vampire movie please: Big cross-shadow from church wakes vamp in ground

I think I might have seen it on TV in the early 80’s, but it might have been the 70’s. I suppose it could have been made in the 60’s. Yeah, doesn’t narrow it down much.

It takes places in modern times. The scene I remember is from the beginning of the flick, when the vampire is awakened. It was buried in dirt or sand, and a church was constructed near its grave. The shadow of the large cross (perhaps cast by moon) fell onto the vamp’s resting place, causing it wake and writhe about in the dirt (or sand).

That’s all I remember.

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB message board. The response that seems to be what you’re looking for is the 1979 TV-movie *Vampire.

*What an original name!

Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s it! Thanks! I remember it being a TV movie, now that my memory has been jogged.