Vampire Movie - can't think of the name!

Okay, I hate to do this, but I am desperate to remember the name of this movie:

Vampire movie…modern (probably less than 7 years old).

It’s sort of campy, but well produced. One vampiress is a very tall, incredibly attractive red-head who smacks around a shorter blond near the end. There is a little person (dwarf) as a supporting actor.

In one scene, a vampiress goes to kiss a guy and then rips his head clean off.

In the end, the blonde and her boyfriend somehow defeat the hottest red-headed vampire I ever saw.

links to clips are here, but no name:

Any ideas?

I don’t know, but you might want to check out the filmography of “Misty Mundae,” as she has been in a number of, um, “vampire” movies in recent years.

the movie is Bordello Of Blood. It starred Angie Everhart and Dennis Miller.

Sounds like Bordello of Blood

Woohoo ! Simulpost ! :smiley:

Bordello of Blood? Can’t view the clips from work to confirm…

Oh. Nevermind.

Can’t watch .avi clips at work, but I think it might be Bordello of Blood.

(On preview–Holy Crap! There was nothing there when I clicked reply!)

I’m changing my answer. The movie you’re looking for is “Rio” by Duran Duran.

Clearly, Bordello of Blood was more popular than people give it credit for. :smiley:

Best ever scene using “Ballroom Blitz” as music. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there’s some stiff competition from Tia Carrere in Wayne’s World…

Well, many thanks.

Should you be proud – or ashamed – that you all knew it?

The Hunger also had a nice blonde-on-redhead combination: Catherine Deneuve (blonde vampire) on Susan Sarandon (redhead initiate).

What hope do the youth of today have, when the music their granparents listened to is as cool as “Ballroom Blitz”.
The girl in the corner, She could kill you with a wink of her eye

Oh damn, I’m too late! I saw this movie the day it opened, with me and maybe 12 other people in the whole theater. And now we’re all reunited in this thread. Hi, folks! Did you know that theater is part of Houston Community College now?