Idaho caveman dead at 94


Richard Zimmerman lived in a ‘cave-like home’ on the Salmon River. He never owned a telephone or a television. The article says he was the last of the number of loners who lived in the canyon.

Good for him. Sad for us that he’s gone.

Now there was a guy that never had to worry about car insurance! :slight_smile:

Punched cows??

Resisting urge to make as many tasteless jokes as I can in a minute about the fact that he was “known to all as Dugout Dick”.

Yeah, he was a bit of a bastard in his youth.

Really: Cowpuncher = cowboy.

And he would have found it so easy, even a … :smiley:

When I lived in Albuquerque, there were a few of these guys around down by the river, but I doubt it was such a permanent arrangement.

Damn it, I thought we were closing in on the solution to this mystery!

I’m fascinated by people who live like this, although I don’t have any interest in doing it myself. I felt the same way about Studs Terkel, who lived to be almost 100 and never felt it necessary to learn to drive. Not that he was opposed to technology otherwise.

Your link doesn’t work for me.

Ever read One Man’s Wilderness by Richard Proenneke?

Good read.


The article says his brother wants his remains returned to Illinois. Too bad the guy made it clear where he wants to be.

Hmmm…I wonder if his cave’s for sale, now?
Nah, on second thought, I’ll hold out for a cave with a harder to access entry trail. So I can roll boulders down on intruders, like the Yeti.

Sometimes I love Idaho. I’d never heard of this guy.

That’s one crazy story (the link in the OP). I was reading it and interesting things kept happening as I went along. Very cool!

What a wonderful turn of phrase.

Then of course there was his friend Doug, who was arrested for indecent exposure…

Wow, my kinda guy. My Hon brought the NYT to me last night saying the same. In a search around, here’s the best photo I found. It’s a large one, so have patience, worth the wait. I think he’s quite gorgeous.

Interesting that I couldn’t find any photos of inside his dwellings. That makes me smile, as a documentary photographer, that he just didn’t allow it, cranky guy. And, I get that, hence the smile. Or mebbe I didn’t find 'em…

Good rest to you, Dugout, you lived a good long life on your own terms.

There are terrific photos in the article linked in the OP. Including one of him in one of his dwellings.

That was a great photo you found, also.

Don’t know how that would work out - you know what happens to those foreclosure homes, sometimes they are in disrepair.

Too bad nobody turned him on to the Internet with a little wireless laptop - he would have made one hell of a Doper.

What a total freaking stud. Fascinating.

They should turn his cave into a little historical site. Very neat.

There is a documentary on Dick Preneke that runs on PBS from time to time. Dude was unreal. Didn’t look like a tramp, unlike Dugout Dick.