Idbb ??

I’ll bet there’s some place where all the common abreviations are listed, huh? I can’t figure out what this would be.

Also, how do you establish a signature? I went to Control Panel but didn’t find a clue. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t one there. :eek:

Thanks for help. Everyone’s so nice here!

IDBB is just the abbreviated form that I_Dig_Bad_Boys uses to sign her name to posts.

To have a signature, click the User CP button, then click Edit Profile. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a text entry box labelled Signature. Enter your signature there, then click the Submit button at the bottom of the profile page. To have you signature show up when posting, you must click the Show Signature checkbox below the text entry box for your post text. Do this only once per thread, per the FAQ.

Thanks again, Q. I’ll see now if I got that done right.

Okay, one more try.

I guess there’s no way to make a signature smaller and/or italicized, is there?

Yes, you can. Copy and paste the following to your profile:

&#91size=1]&#91i]Even the best is none too good*[/size]

Well of course. But I decided size 1 was a bit too small so changed it. What fun!

And then the sucker disappeared! So I’ve changed it back to size 1. If it’s not there this time, I’ve done something wrong again. :confused:

Yep, something’s wrong. This practice thread is wonderful, if only I could get rid of this stuff if I ever stop having problems. Now it’s in there 2x–one that I’d changed and a new cut & paste. Maybe one will ‘take.’

Okay. I know what it is. I guess the options boxes don’t stay checked as the default. Thought I read they did for that thread. Last try. I’ve already lost my religion.

As far as the normal abbreviations go, Arnold put a link to Netlingo: Acronyms and Shorthand in the FAQs, and there is also my favourite, Acronym Finder.

When you preview a post with your signature included, you have to remember to check the box again when you actually submit.

Got it! Thanks much.