Idea for a Sticky: Memorial to Dopers?

Two of the stickies in MPSIMS right now are the online portrait gallery and the very sad thread about Norinew. We’ve had a few end-of-life notices over the years, and I wondered what people and The Powers That Be think about creating a sticky for a sort of memorial gallery? I don’t know what form it should take, or even if it makes sense, but it would be nice to have a permanent tribute with a brief bio, highlights from someone’s posting history, or what have you. I guess a locked one with one post per person, because we can already make threads for any given poster’s memorial.

Maybe that’s too depressing, or too much work, or there are too many stickies, or people would get up in arms that Schn:eek::eek:kie85 died in the tragic DopeFest fire of ’03 and didn’t get a memorial. I dunno. Dumb idea?

Ah! Well, now I feel dumb, but at least I can see the idea wasn’t. Thank you.

ETA: Really dumb. How on earth could I have missed that? Oh well.

Not to feel dumb, not at all. Just sad, mostly.