Idea to create interest in all these NCAA Dollar Store Bowls

With all these less than intriguing Bowl games, how can we make them more interesting? What if there was something on the line for the winner: namely a chance to improve their ranking next season leading to a better Bowl game, or who knows? A shot at the Playoff?

  1. The winner of each non-playoff bowl gets to challenge, if they wish, one team outside their conference with at least one more regular season win or the same wins that they had, to a game the next season. The team cannot already be on the schedule for 2018. The goal here is a chance for lower conference or ranked teams to improve their ranking chances next year by improving their strength of competition. Some teams would have the option to decline making a challenge, for instance teams that are changing coaches or think they will do well next year anyway and don’t see the value of an extra game versus a worthy opponent.

  2. If more than one team challenges the same school to a game, the team with the higher ranking + quality of bowl opponent gets first choice. This prevents teams from turning down bowls against better or equal teams in favor of bowls versus stiffs just to get the Challenge Game.

  3. The challenged team gets home field, and picks the date.

  4. ESPN gets exclusive rights to the Challenge games, and partnering with sponsors and Dollar Store Bowl Committees pool $50-100 million in payouts to the challenged teams. Those teams could use that money to induce Bowl winners to play them. Cash is the only way to induce major programs to accept these challenges.

Sooooo lets take a look at a possible scenario based on this years Bowl games:

-Celebration Bowl: North Carolina A&T 9-2 won. NCAT could challenge Michigan but knowing that might be an asskicking, they choose local 9 win North Carolina State instead (who kicks in a cool Mil for the game to induce a local matchup).

-Cure Bowl: Tulane (7-6) wins this one. They’d love to challenge LSU but they went 9-3, so they challenge Texas A&M (8-4). A chance to play the Aggies next season? Id sign up to watch that!

-New Mexico Bowl—Utah State wins this one after an 11-2 season so they hit the jackpot! Utah State aims high and challenges 12 win Oklahoma next season in a bid to get into major bowl consideration if all else goes well.

One more, lets try a bigger Bowl: last nights infamous Cheez-It Bowl where TCU out intercepted Cal with a 7-6 record; TCU is confident in their chances next season, and not seeing a valuable 7 or 8 win opponent that they think they can beat to improve their ranking, declines to challenge.

Imagine UCF beating LSU and getting a chance to finally challenge Clemson or Alabama next year and with that win and a undefeated season finally make a case for a Playoff? Would that jack up the Fiesta Bowl to a new level? And with all this success comes recruiting opportunities and one game could spark a dynasty!

As for Seniors, school pride is on the line: Seniors wont get to play that Challenge Game, but take pride that they helped pave the way for their beloved alma mater to rise up the college rankings over the next year or two!

Whaddya think?:smiley:

Idea to make these bowl games more competitive and interesting: pay the players as compensation for giving up their study (hah) and vacation time to appear in them.

Say, $2500 for the losers’ share and $5000 for the winners’ share. Suddenly, there’s high drama :dubious: in who wins the Bad Boy Mowers Garsparilla Bowl.

It’d also be fair to have cash stakes for winning multiple rounds of playoff games. If they expand the playoff field to 8, you could start with cash awards of 5K/10K in round 1, go up to 10K/20K in round 2 and then for the finals, 25K and 50K for each player.

I haven’t been a fan of paying players in the past, but seeing the amount of dough schools get for all these extra games, it only seems fair - and should enhance the level of competition.

And, if you are wondering where this money might come from, perhaps the salaries of the organizers could be reduced just a bit:

He runs one amateur football game per year. He makes more than $1 million.

“At least” one more, or “at most” one more? Your examples make it sound like a 7-5 team cannot challenge a 9-3 team.

Also, how do the challenged teams handle this? Does every team schedule only 11 regular season games, just in case they are challenged, or do challenged teams get 13 (14 for Hawaii and teams that play at Hawaii) regular season games?

I would leave the Celebration Bowl out of this, as it is FCS teams - and FCS teams from conferences that pretty much beg and plead the FCS tournament committee not to select them (because the bylaws say that if the MEAC or SWAC champion is chosen to be in the FCS playoffs, the “Marquette rule” applies (Marquette once turned down an NCAA men’s basketball tournament bid as it wanted to be in the NIT, presumably thinking that it could make more money by hosting), and they have to be in the playoffs, which means the Celebration Bowl is no longer the “HBCU national championship” it is intended to be).

My mistake. I thought NCAT was FBS for some reason.
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