College Football Bowl Season, Bowl Pool?

The regular season is basically over except for the Army-Navy game this weekend, and the bowl season deserves it own thread. Here is a link to the November-Early December thread

Just wondering if there is any interest a CFB bowl pool? All 34 games is pretty unmanageable, but allows the administrator to pick and choose his or her own games. I’m thinking about 10-12 games, straight-up, with weighting. The games I would choose would be the BCS games, plus some of the more attractive and competitive matchups of the non-BCS bowls.

Let me know if there is some interest, and recommendations on games that you would like to see beside the BCS games. Even though the pool would be “straight-up” I want to avoid apparent mis-matches.

I’d definitely be interested in a pool. And why not all 34 games? It’s not like we need to do heavy research.

I am in favor of the KISS system.

What’s more simple than doing all the games and not weighing them? That’s as simple as it gets!

Yahoo has a College Bowl Pick 'Em. Pretty much everyone has a Yahoo account and has been signed up for various other Fantasy games so that’s the simplest solution.

I went ahead and set up a group for us here.

Group ID# 24034
Password: Cecil

Correction: Password: cecil

Strange, I entered with a capital. Yahoo seems to have the ability to lowercase the input but not interpret the signups?

The only bowl game I am interested in is the Poinsettia Bowl and Cal better win it. I am just now starting to warm up after that awful, awful Cal v Washington game. (If the whole state of Washington wants to fall into the ocean, I would not mind a bit!)


Omni - any interest in implementing an (honor system) rule that yu have to weigh the BCS games the highest? Since they are the most important and should be the best match-ups.

Karen…you going to the P-Bowl? (I am)

Weight reflects your confidence that your pick will win. Nothing to do with the “importance” of the game.

I’m in. I made some off-the-cuff picks but no weighting yet.

I’m a huge LSU fan and my office buddy is a huge Penn St. fan and we’ve given each other grief (SEC vs. Big-10 etc. etc.) for over 10 years now. So the Tangerine Bowl (excuse me, the Capital One Bowl) holds the most significance for me this year.

Works for me. Unfortunately Yahoo doesn’t really allow any custom options here for a non-confidence pool or a point spread pool which is annoying, but it’s a nice, simple set up.

I’d also be willing to agree to a secondary condition that the 9 next highest confidence point weights (29-21) must be the games after New Years Eve, though this is less than ideal since the International and GMAC games are kinda weak. It does have the benefit of being easy to manage since the games are listed in order of date on the picks page.

Perhaps a custom list of “Prime” games could be assembled that would dictate the top 10 confidence weights go to classic bowl games or games games featuring ranked teams.

The latter two ideas open a lot of room for error and complexity that might make this more trouble than most people want to invest.

I’m open to suggestions from anyone and votes on any of the proposed honor systems.

I like the motto of our group. :slight_smile:

Made my picks; the only weights I gave were 34 to West Virginia over Florida State in the So Long Bobby Don’t Let the Door Hit You Bowl; and 2 (as in…who the hell knows?) to Ohio - Marshall.

Good call on a bowl pick 'em. I just joined up. I have no idea yet what I am going to do for most of my weights but I did enter my picks.

Oh, you are so lucky and will have so much fun (San Diego weather being what it is.)

Alas, I will be in Florida with my siblings, who are threatening to not even let me watch the game on TV if the Sharks are playing.

Some people just don’t get it.


I like this idea the best, as it still keeps it fairly simple (although, like you said, still open to error). I think you should just pick the 10 games you want (since you started the group), list them and say they must be assigned point values 34-25. I think most people will get it that way.

If anyone screws up the rankings - it’s all for fun anyway.

You need new siblings.

I plan to have fun, once we get out of the post-Washington funk. I went to the Holiday Bowl '04 and '06; plus Insight Bowl '03, Vegas Bowl '05 and Emerald '08. Basically, I’ll follow the Bears anywhere except Texas.

I’m going to give a day or two for people to offer their thoughts on this before deciding anything. I think I’d lean towards this myself too, but I want to gauge how comfortable people are with this before making a statement on it.

Oh hey, me too! Do you have season tickets? I sit in Section E, row 32. Basketball, I’m in Section 4 this year.

How long do you think the post-Washington funk will last? I’m still depressed. :frowning:

Section EE. Never had basketball tickets.

I think it’ll last until we win again…so either 2 weeks, or 9 months. :slight_smile: