College Football November and early December 2009

apparently discussion about October has quit in this thread.

this thread should probably either finish the regular season and another thread for the bowls or we could just this thread. Play it by ear.

College Game Day is still on tour out West with Army vs Air Force in Colorado Springs. I guess ESPN/ABC didn’t want to promote the CBS game of LSU @ Bama (Saban Bowl) which IMO is the game of the week. LSU could muddy of the BCS with a win against Bama and then a win against Florida in the SEC championship game.

Ohio St at Penn St will be the ABC feature game.

Some unfinished business from last weekend. Florida did suspend Brandon Spikes for the eye gouge for the first half of the Vanderbilt game.

No word on a possible return to play for LeGarrette Blount. IMO, he absolutely should not return to play. The only reason why this is even possible is because the Ducks are in position to play in a BCS game and he was a first string running back. If the player involved was a third stringe lineman playing for a bad team, the suspension would not be lifted.

Malcolm Floyd was given the okay by Notre Dame training staff. I’d love to see him get warmed up against Navy, but I also don’t want to see him putting himself at risk as we get ready for Pittsburgh and Stanford.

Quick question – were you able to write this with a straight face? Because “suspended for the first half of the Vanderbilt game” sounds like it should become an expression for an utterly meaningless punishment.

No kidding, that kid should get every bit as serious a punishment as Blount, maybe worse.

Apparently the incident was a retaliation.

In fact, the ‘victim’ says Spikes deserved no punishment.

That’s idiotic, considering Spikes’ helmet wasn’t ripped off him, and came off more than once during the game otherwise. The fact that Ealey is trying to be the bigger man (and has less of an idea of what went on than just about anyone, since his eyes were closed), or that Spikes was unsuccessful, is irrelevant.

Besides which, who retaliates against someone else for something that (never) happened earlier in the game?

I guess “innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t apply to CFB. So many of us are judge and jury without all the evidence. Meyer handed out a punishment. SEC is OK with the punishment. the victim says theere should have been no punishment.

By no means am I am condoning what was done, or what else may have been done, but I would rely on what the people involved had said. I do know there is a lot going on at the line of scrimmage, a lot more than what the TV viewer sees.

How can Ealey have a less of an idea what happened? he was there, and presumably he saw as much videotape as you and me…probably more.

Bullshit. Innocent until proven guilty is a concept reserved for the courts, and it’s wrong anyway. The legal system *presumes *someone is innocent prior to trial, but that most certainly doesn’t mean he or she is actually innocent.

Regardless, the general public is free to form any opinion it wants, and viewing the video is just about all I need. What Spikes did goes above and beyond the bounds of the sport, and he should be punished extremely harshly for it.

Are you saying that you are privy to all the evidence? And you are ignoring what the victim said, who, contrary to what you said in your initial post, was there and more than likely has seen all the videotapes, and probably others that haven’t been released to the public.

What we are saying is that much of what you have said is what we would call irrelevant in the world of law (where you grab your mis-used phrase from).

It matters not in the least what provocation was involved. Doing what he did is not something that should be allowed. The fact others might have done similar things means only that they should have been punished too. The fact that the victim isn’t seeking “justice” doesn’t mean anything.

As i said, I don’t condone what he did, or any other plays that are against fairplay.

I don’t like the sanctimony who think they know better than the players, coaches, the Administration and the Conference. Presumably, they know all the available facts in the case, moreso than the Monday Morning quarterback discussing the play at their coffee break.

There’s video of it! No one denies what happened. What the hell are you talking about?

The fact that Ealey is (very astutely) trying NOT to look like a whiny bitch in this situation has absolutely nothing to do with what Spikes did. Nothing at all.

He has been coached by a couple of very media savvy individuals, all of whom know that it is in Ealey’s best interest to try and look like the bigger person.

It’s been reported that Spikes will now miss the entire Vandy game. It wasn’t mentioned whose decision this was and if it’s officially a suspension or not. Waiting on a link. Still horseshit, Meyer and Florida should be embarrassed.

I am not denying what he did. But we don;t handle the punishment. it is up to the Florida, the SEC, and perhaps the NCAA.

Then what the hell is the stupid “innocent until proven guilty” crap about? Do you think anyone in this thread is under some delusion that we have authority in the matter? There’s little question of who has authority here, we and the general public are pretty angry about how lax those authorities are being. Or do you not believe they holy SEC should ever be questioned?

My respect for Oregon is about a million times greater than my respect for Florida at the moment. And Oregon is a school with about as scummy a history as any has ever had.

No shit. It’s also up to us to offer an opinion on the matter if we so choose.

Tuscaloosa is already starting to fill up with tailgaiters. People aren’t allowed to start tailgating on campus until Friday at 6:00, but it’s becoming a common tactic to pre-claim “your spot” in advance by cordoning off a section with police tape, or set up a tent but not raise it up completely. Remember speedwalking? “I’m not running, I’m speedwalking”? It apparently doesn’t count if you don’t go whole hog.

This game is going to be wild, and if we lose this one it’s going to be a shitty night to work. Fucking raucous LSU fans slobbering down gallons of ranch with their squirrel stew or pissed off/drunk Alabama minimansion assholes wanting their sweet tea NOW so they can get out and beat traffic roll tide. But I’m totally lookin forward to the game.

I guess ESPN has decided that this is a good week to Honor Those who Serve Our Country, instead of going to a real game. As much as I dislike the fawning over the SEC, Bama-LSU is the one I’d be watching, if I wasn’t otherwise engaged with desperately hoping the Bears can break their Beaver jinx. The Bears are 7 pt favorites, and I have no idea why. They should be underdogs.

Oregon-Stanford should be interesting, as well.

East Carolina has an impressive looking logo in the middle of their football field. A skull/pirate inside the state of North Carolina.