College football: October 2009

Here is the earlier thread on college football. I figured it was time for a new thread as we move into the main part of the season.

Kind of a slow week this week in college football without a lot of great games. Miami/Oklahoma has lost some of its luster as Bradford won’t play and Miami got spanked last week. Still, a win by OU sets them up to get back in the national championship race as they go into the Red River Shootout.

Big XII conference loses another inter-conference game. The conference is now 32-11 against OOC opponents including losses against Toledo (Colorado) and Louisiana LaFayette (Kansas State).

SEC on the other hand is 23-2 against OOC opponents. Their only two losses are against Okie State (UGA) and UCLA (Tenn). Top to bottom, SEC looks like the premier conference going into October. At least 5 of the SEC’s OOC games against BCS teams have yet to be played (Ga Tech x 3, Clemson, FSU)

Maybe we will see just how good 3-1 Notre Dame is this weekend with their game against Washington. The three teams they have beat (Nevada, Mich St, and Purdue) are a combined 2-9 thus far this year with the two wins against Montana State and Toledo. ND is a 2 TD big favorite, but Washington did beat USC.

The game of the week was supposed to be USC/Cal but it lost its luster after Cal got blown out by Oregon last week.

Okla/Miami and LSU/ UGA should be entertaining games.

Gameday makes another odd choice, going to Chestnut Hill for the FSU/BC game.

I was going to predict that the 1-3 Spartans would beat my beloved Wolverines (4-0!!), but all the experts are making that pick as well. That has me flip-flopping and picking Michigan for the game and then being able to brag to my Spartan wife.

No one would ever accuse ESPN of having an East Coast bias…

MSU is favored by 2. That is because they are at home. Michigans defense seems very undersized . I think a team of tight ends like Wisconsins will be tough for them. I don’t know if MSU is too big for them but they may have to score a lot of points to beat Michigan. U of M is very fast.

No, but they can be accused of having a big-market bias. Except they wouldn’t consider it an accusation at all.

GameDay was all set to come to Berkeley for the first time – they flat out said so last week live, and Cal fans started to get all excited, like we were getting a visit from the Pope.

And then the Bears went and stank up the joint in Eugene, and ESPN started looking around for somewhere else to go.

The game should still be intense – SC packs the stadium and gets Cal fans frothing at the mouth & hopping up and down. We’ll see whether the Bears are complete frauds, or if last week was a fluke.

…and today, on a very special College Gameday…

This is the first time UM has been on the road, and taking on a good and fired up opponent. MSU should have beaten CMU and ND and should be no worse than 3-1 right now. I make it MSU 34 UM 17

I will be disgusted if LeGarrette Blount is reinstated. He wasn’t suspended for a speeding ticket. If the University of Oregon has a boxing team, let him try out for it.

Wow, a lot of rumors flying around on the FSU blogs about Bobby Bowden being fired this week. I doubt FSU would make a coaching change right in the middle of season, but it is obvious this must be the last year for Bowden.

Not exactly. The chairman of the FSU trustees has said he wants BoBo out after this season, no matter that he has a contract for 2010. With those forfeits, he’s never going to catch JoPa for the career win total anyway, so one might as well look to the future. But then, it wasn’t long ago that JoPa looked done, himself.
Anyway, this kind of shit is what makes the top levels of college football a little distasteful to me. The “college” part is incidental; for most of the top programs the school is essentially a support system for a major business. The educational function that is a school’s primary purpose just gets swallowed up. I’ve found a lot more fun watching I-AA ball instead - all the fun and pageantry and spirit are there, and so is competently-played ball, but it’s all in proper perspective. Even the players are actually students, not just contract employees “majoring in eligibility” and who will be out on the street right after their last games. And tickets are not only available but affordable. Between games, there’s other topics of conversation than football. Perhaps growing up in Columbus, where there wasn’t anything else to care about (still isn’t, really), just soured my attitude.

And those issues with top-level college football are over a century old and nothing’s changed, I know.

Well, Dez Bryant is suspended indefinitely for lying to the NCAA about working out with Deion Sanders over the summer.

Working out = not a violation. Lying = is.


If working out isn’t a violation, why would he lie? :confused:

Huh. Guess I shouldn’t have turned the Thursday night game off after the 3rd quarter…

That was some amazing reversal of fortune on display there! I really feel kinda bad for the Mizzou fans who sat figurativly under a fire-hose for hours only to witness that last 15 minutes.

Jeez, what a crappy set of early games this week. If I had known it was going to be this weak I would have tried to avoid a hangover and actually do something this afternoon.

?? #1 vs #4 doesn’t do anything for you? Granted that they’re probably both overrated, but still…

Call me cynical, but I was pleasantly surprised to see ESPN at the site of a game on CBS.

Unfortunately 1 vs 4 is a late game, like all the other good games this week.

Yeah, there aren’t any decent 9 am games this week. Looks like Oklahoma State vs Texas A & M as the best of a bad bunch.