Identify 80s anthology episode: Guardian Angel and Bank Loan Officer

For some reason, a TV episode I saw many years ago just popped into my mind, and I’m wondering what show it was from.

I saw it sometime in the early to mid 90s, and it seemed several years old then, which would place it in the 80s - I’m thinking it may have been the revived Twilight Zone series, but I’m not sure.

In the beginning, a woman who works for a bank (apparently some kind of loan officer) is at home on the phone with a Spanish-accented woman saying very firmly that she has to foreclose on her home. She ignores the woman’s pleas for more time.

She is then visited by a handsome stranger - I forget the reason. But she is talking with this guy and seems very friendly and charming until they start talking about her job and the foreclosure of Mrs. Gonzales (or whatever the woman’s name was - fill in your own stereotypical Latino name here). He starts telling her, “Did you know Mrs. Gonzales can’t hold down a job because she has health problems and migraines?” Then suddenly the woman’s head starts to hurt. Then he tells her that Mrs. Gonzales doesn’t speak English well, and suddenly the woman is speaking in an accent. You get the idea. The man reveals that he is some kind of angel (Mrs. Gonzales’ guardian angel or something) and he’s come to pay back the woman for what she’s done. It ends with her alone in her home, wearing shabby clothes and with a headache, on the phone, with her own voice on the other end saying, “I’m sorry, we have to foreclose.”

Although I didn’t think the episode was particularly great, somehow it stuck in my mind - I guess because it wasn’t until the end that you realize what direction the story is going in. I suppose it’s an interesting way of showing that there are two sides to every conflict, although it does seem a bit severe of a punishment to the woman for doing her job. But for some reason this episode just popped into my head recently and I was wondering where I had seen it from. Can anyone identify this?

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB board, and one of the experts posited that this might be Payment Overdue from “Tales From The Darkside.”

If you really liked that segment, you should see the movie “Drag Me To Hell”, which has some plot similarities, and a much more extreme punishment for the loan officer.

Thanks! I watched the video and that was the right one. Some of my details were a bit off, and the main character was less sympathetic than I remembered. It’s good to finally know what series I had been watching. :slight_smile: