Identify a children's picture book (unvarnished look at farm animals)

I’m trying to remember the name of a book that we had when I was a kid (meaning that it must have been published before 1982, say) and I’m sure the good folks here can help me out. Unfortunately, Googling for “picture book” and “farm animals” brings up a lot of results.

It was a picture book about a kid living on a farm (either permanently or temporarily visiting relatives). It didn’t really have a plot, though; it was mostly just the kid describing the different animals on the farm – many of which were unflattering descriptions. For instance, the geese were described as noisy, stupid things that would sometimes try to bite you.

Among the animals that were described for sure were geese, cattle, roosters/hens, cats and dogs. The list of dogs was the most memorable part for me. They would have a picture of each dog and a description, e.g.:
[ul][li]This dog hated kids and would try to bite you.[/li][li]This dog liked to chase cars and got run over.[/li][li]This dog would bark a lot and pee on the floor.[/li][li]This dog ran away.[/li][li]Nobody remembers this dog’s name.[/ul][/li]
I never had pets as a kid, but I always felt a little sad for the no-name dog.

Any ideas? The pictures were basically realistic. Maybe watercolors?

Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm

Perfect! I knew someone would remember it.

I was going to add the detail that the cows on the farm would lean on the barbed wire fence until it fell over, but apparently that wasn’t necessary. :slight_smile: