Identify car in movie?

Yesterday I watched “Midnight” (1939) with Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche, and John Barrymore. No, this is not a Cafe Society post.

I was intrigued by the Paris taxi that Don Ameche’s character was driving. It was a big streamlined thing with a huge front grille. I might not have noticed except its first scene was at night, and its headlights were behind the front grille.

Does anybody know what kind of car this is? The movie was dated 1939, set in Paris. The only marking I could make out was the number “42” in a sort of escutcheon on the back end.

There are several other cool cars that I don’t recognize in this movie, but somehow that taxi made me curious.

Haven’t seen the movie, but from your description, perhaps a Peugeot 402?

I believe it is. Thanks!

That Peugeot appears in several movies made in that timeframe. I remember it specifically in “Gentlemen prefer Blondes”, painted as a taxi, but have seen it in a couple others.