Identify Chess Piece Design from Star Trek: The Original Series

Prop personnel on the original STAR TREK usually used two different Peter Ganine-designed chess pieces for use in episodes featuring three dimensional chess. Before that style, for the second pilot, they used these unidentified pieces. Any chess aficionados recognize the design/designer?


Sir Rhosis

Here’s more on the two Ganine styles used, but the first set I mentioned above has not been identified. Star Trek The Original Series 3D Chess Set - Carolus Chess

Given Trek’s props budget, they could have been salt shakers, like Bones’ Feinberger diagnostic tool.

:smiley: The two Ganine sets most often used were said to have been purchased from stores by propmaster Irving Feingerg, as were the checkerboards which were cannabalized to build the 3D chess sets, so I imagine this first one was a store-bought set like the Ganines.

Sir Rhosis

Anyone else notice some of the boards are slightly tilted? :smiley:

I know that there are supposed to be rules for 3-D chess, but is it actually playable? And how hard is it to learn?

They most often looked tilted and about ready to fall apart! They were built using this on the market checker game: Space Checkers | Memory Alpha | Fandom

and this Tic Tac Toe game: Tic-tac-toe | Memory Alpha | Fandom

Over the years, there have been a couple sets of rules, but I’ve heard it is not very playable.

Sir Rhosis