What does your chess set look like?

Since we’ve had a number of threads on chess the last couple of days I was wondering what others have in the way of sets.

I have a number of them, well three actually, which is a number. One is the elctronic Excalibur, at least I think that’s what it is. I don’t much play it, and haven’t actually played against the computer in quite some time.

The first nice set I got was a wooden set that looks like a book when closed. I don’t much use this one either, though I have here and there.

My third set I got in Romania. It’s supposed to be hand carved, well it looks like it is, and cost me around US$3. I got it at a stand along the side of the road. It was all tourist stuff, but still I like it because it has a story behind it. Though I still don’t know which one the King and Queen are, I have picked the one I think looks like a king and went with that.

I wouldn’t mind having a really nice set, but all the ones I’ve seen lately are not all that interesting. I would love to have a set made of “Eddies” from Iron Maiden, but I’m afraid I’d have to make it myself. I think this would make a great pawn.

I have a cheap cardboard and plastic travel set in my apartment somewhere, a crystal set in my bedroom at my mom’s house, and an electronic set tucked away at my dad’s house.

I have several that have accumulated over the years. There is a nice wooden one I got in Germany 30 years ago, a tourity Mexican stone set, and the one I use most often lately, a copy of the glass set Magneto had in X-Men.

I have several other sets of men, ceramic and metal. No boards to go with, but nice men.

We have a basic wooden set, wood box with a lid that is chess/checkers on one side and backgammon on the other and you store the pieces inside.

My 6 year old son has the plastic Harry Potter Wizzard Chess Set. (The set they play against at the end of the film.) The pieces are really cool looking.

Mine lookis like a Chinese Checkers board.

I have a nice wood set with a box that my sister painted and fixed when it got broken so now it looks nice. The board was fixed once when it got cracked being sent out to colorado, but it was fixed well enough you don’t notice. It used to be my dad’s so its at least 30 years since he bought it.

Its a pretty big board, easily take up a large part of a table. It’s got brown and white squares.

I also have a 4 player set thats just like a cheapo board you can find in kmart or something.

Mine is a set that my Mom got for me while she was in Ecuador and I have to say its up there with the most un-pc chess board possible, conquistidors versus the natives. The pieces are nicey carved and its a very nice set but man its just so wrong.

My favourite is a Napoleonic version. The pieces are plastic, black/white and not very expensive but they are pretty detailed and cool looking.

My kids have a really fun and colourful Simpsons version. “You took my Marge! D’Oh!” :smiley:

I have an old wooden and stone (onyx and quartz) set I bought in my early 20’s. And my favorite set is the 18" X 18" set I made with my own hands. It took me over a year, and I carved each peice individually out of fire agate I found myself. And the box is blood wood with inlaid lace wood. With Quartz inlays as well. :slight_smile:

Like this. :slight_smile:

Mine looks liks the Invisible Woman. IOW, I don’t have one. However, I would love to have a tri-dimensional Star Trek chess set. Partly because I’m a fan of the show, and partly because I bet it would be interesting to play.

I, like silenus, have the glass/frosted glass version from x-men. Well, there’s a pic here

Wow, I’m jealous.

I have two - a cheap plastic one, and a very old, very worn-out, and very sentimental wooden one I’ve had since childhood.

I just got a hand-carved miniature chess set from Ecuador (replacing the long-gone older one I had). The pieces are brightly-colored, though with a general red vs. white motif. Knights are llamas, rooks = huts, etc. Lots of indigineous clothing. An unexpected, but most welcome, Christmas present from my family down there.

Now, if I could only find someone to play with… :frowning:

Mine is a hand-carved wooden set made by a man in Harmony, Minnesota. He’s over 60 and has MS but carves nonstop.

The pieces are drunk vikings. The rooks are drunk vikings on kegs. The knights are drunk vikings on horses (one is letting his horse sip his beer). Each piece is unique - one of the pawns has his helmet on sideways, one is hiding his beer behind his back, etc.

The bishops, those poor religious men surrounded by drunken rascals, are vikings posed as See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Do No Evil (covering eyes, ears, mouth, and crotch, respectively). :slight_smile:

It’s 4 feet by 4 feet. The queen and king stand about a foot tall.
sigh. I wish I knew people who played chess. I love that board.

I also have a choiss set. That’s cool too.

now thats my kind of chess set :slight_smile:

I have a nice wood set that was my fathers. I also have a nice marble set tucked away somewhere.

Let’s see…I also have the frosted glass set. Actually I have two of them. One I bought in Italy, the other one given to me by my mom that also has frosted checkers with it.

I’m pretty sure I have a plain plastic set someplace.

And I also have one of those tourist ones from mexico. This is it (link is to ebay, not sure how long the picture will be up.)

I have your garden variety Staunton wood chess set, but I have a glorious inlaid wood chess table my husband’s grandfather made. I really need to get some more substantial chess pieces. My measly little 3 inch king looks positively lost on this table/board.