What do you want for Christmas?

And I’m not talking about “Peace On Earth” or having bills paid or any other altruistic crap. What would you like to find under the Christmas tree this year? Price limit is $1000.

Keeping in the spirit of Christmas, I wouldn’t mind this Japanese whisky Advent calendar.

Good digestions all around the family.

Is this something you can find on Amazondotcom? It’s a little early to totally deviate from the purpose of this thread, I think.

I want the 3rd and the 9th printings of a local cookbook, published here in Topeka.

It was The Household Searchlight Recipe Book, and my collection lacks only those two printings, out of twenty-eight total. I’ve been searching for these books for quite a while, and recently updated a thread in Marketplace I started, concerning them.

I’d also like a big box of high quality chocolates.

A nice, ornate chess set, complete with traveling case. I’m not looking for gold and jewels but I don’t want plastic and cardboard either. If you can picture the set in the study of 221B Baker St then you’re on the right path.

If that’s too expensive then I would really like to find recordings of marching band music. Every year, I watch the big televised, holiday parades and the marching bands are easily my favorite part.

I need a bottle of Vanderbilt perfume, two or three pairs of these, some work out clothes, and one of those kitchen carousel things to hold measuring cups.

I have been wanting a bird. I originally wanted a pet crow. I have found it’s really not legal to have one. So I’ve amended my request to an African grey parrot. Santa baby, I am begging you. I’ve been very good this year!

It involves such things as people not being jerks to each other, and (separate but related) respecting that if someone doesn’t want to eat a specific dish from any given 12-dish meal it’s OK; neither world peace nor the end to hunger depend on the 9yo’s stomach’s exploding or the 50yo not being able to breathe because it turns out the “vinaigrette” included mustard (now I don’t eat any salads prepared by that SiL).

Civility and respect aren’t things money can buy (although it can buy bad simulations of the second one), but it is what I want for Christmas.

Like this one?

Very nice, the board is beautiful and the pieces are very nice if a bit lacking in ornate detail. They look machine perfect and I’m more interested in the “Persian Flaw” artisan crafted look.

I’d like someone, or several someones, to play Scrabble with. Folks who are competitive but easy-going and who are not jerks when they win or lose. I used to play with a nice group before I moved to this city and I miss them. The Scrabble Club website here has a notice on their main page that says, “We’re in hiatus. Look for exciting updates in 2013.” So, yeah, that’s out. Also, I’d like the latest version of the Scrabble Dictionary. The paperback version is fine.

I’d also like a couple sets of those plastic drawers on wheels that people use for crafts and extra storage. Since our house is so old, closet space is at a premium. In fact, my personal clothes closet is the coat closet in the front room. I’ve decided I could make better use of the space I have by folding my clothes rather than hanging them.

I wonder how far $1000 would go toward getting a new shower? That’s what I’d really like. As I mentioned, the house is old. With the original (Narrow!) claw-foot tub. Showering in it sucks. However, we’d have to take out my clothes/coat closet to make room for a real shower, which would probably eat up much of that thousand bucks on it’s own, so, I guess I probably won’t be getting one of those this year.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to a Calamitywear platter with dinosaurs cavorting within the classic Blue Willow china pattern. If she doesn’t get it for me for Christmas, I’m buying it for myself.

Can you share the link? I definitely want to see that.

I want a recumbent trike, something like this. http://www.utahtrikes.com/RECENTTRIKE-5157291_SunSeekerEcoTadSX.html

To stay under the $1000 price ceiling, I’d probably have to get a used one.

Greys are very good talkers and highly intelligent, but are complex, sensitive, easily upset, and require a good understanding of parrot behavior for proper care. If this is your first bird, I would recommend an Amazon instead. They have a much friendlier and more accessible personality than African Greys, and are also good talkers.

Kind of wish people didn’t keep large parrots. First, they are far smarter than any domesticated animal. Second, they are strong flyers and love to fly. Third, they live a very long time (about as long as human beings). Fourth, they are extremely social.

The number of owners both capable and willing to fulfill the real needs of a creature like that is infinitesimal.

My hope is that you reconsider and get a pair of parakeets and a giant aviary for them.

We quit doing Christmas gifts years ago and frankly, I can’t think of anything I’d want anyway.

OK, I’d like to replace the recliner in our living room, but I don’t know if you can get a good loveseat recliner for $1000.

Calamitywear Dinosaurs: https://calamityware.com/products/calamityware-platter-dinosaurs?fbclid=IwAR2QiKgUNkXbOSYGZD8dKV3SKr3I7bm3ByqlHa6zxlf52rbL0CBqbOtGhg8

You’ll see it’s well under $1000. I already have the plate with the pterodactyl on it.

I have kept smaller birds. I will consider an Amazon. I think I have the personality and wherewithal to keep a big bird. My biggest issue would be lack of a avian vet clinic around these parts.

Yeah, but if they are already in captivity that sorta negates that issue.