Identify record with possible Johnny Clark remix

On my trip to the Roskilde festival earlier this year I shared the bus with two bands who kept putting really odd music on the bus’ stereo system.

One in particular struck me, an album of what seemed to be reggae, but obviously heavily remixed, with what I took to be a heavy dub flavour. I asked a few of the guys about it, but unfortunately they had no clue, although one guy started talking about Johnny Clark, and I got the impression that this record had at least one remix of a famous song of his. (It’s also possible I got this wrong and he was saying that the guy/guys who did this record had also done a fantastic Johnny Clark remix. Maybe there’s a clue here.)

The sound of the songs was very spacious, unstructured, hypnotic, improvisational, a bit like Robert Wyatt’s more jazz-inspired stuff. The vocals were all the same guy, I think, a young male voice. The vocals would drift in and out, occasionally gliding from quiet to loud rather abruptly. Reggae beats, guitars, and if I remember correctly there was some occasional trumpet or sax present, too.

After Googling a bit it seems dub remixing is rather common. I wish I could be more specific. Any ideas?