Identify the movie/book/song/?

OK, so a snippet of a quote came to my mind this afternoon and, as obscure as it is, I was hoping someone could help me ID it.

All I can recall is "There’s been an accident…"

I’m pretty sure that that’s not the complete sentence, and for some reason, I think it may have been either A) repeated as getting softer and softer (as during a flashback or “dream sequence”), or B) a recording.

For all I know, my subconsious made this up. However, any and all help is appreciated, as always.


Oh, I think I know what that’s from: Almost anything.

But the first thing I though of was in the movie “The Andromeda Strain” when the officer tells Arthur Hill, “There’s a fire.” The other scientists get the same message IIRC.

But still probably not what you want.

No, but I thank you for the legitimate effort. At least you didn’t make me feel like a complete imbicile for even asking.