What movie is this quote from?

I was recently talking to a friend and the following movie quote somehow ended up in the conversation. We’re pretty sure this is the exact quote but for the life of us cannot name the movie. Let me know if you have any ideas and thanks in advance!

“Need I remind you that I was recently in a horrific car accident?”

Coyote Ugly.

Was it really? I’ve been wracking my brains trying to remember where I heard it – probably in the last month or two – and I’ve never seen Coyote Ugly.

Is my brain playing tricksies again? I can hear the intonation, everything.

It’s not in the “Memorable Quotes” section of IMDb and others, and this was the only cite I have. I own CU (mmm…Piper Perabo…) so I’m relying heavily on memory (although the cite did jog it a bit). It was the scene before Violet sang in the club. She was trying to get her dad (John Goodman) ready, and she was having doubts about her talent. Then he showed her that he bought her autograph for $20, saying it was a good investment.

Hooray for CC files. (fixed the link, by the way.)

Strange… “You have nothing to be afraid of… you’re already a star,” sounds familiar too – but nothing else. It must have been on the boob-tube recently and been flipped past. Thanks, that was driving me crazy (too.)

It should. It was the same movie. :wink: :smiley:

Im not disputing the qoute - and haven’t seen the movie… but she ought to have said ‘an horrific car accident’
Sorry, I’m a pedant.

Maybe in the UK, where it might be pronounced 'orrific. Here in the good old US of A we put an infront of vowel sounds, and we pronounce the H in horrific, making it a horrific car accident.

[**Eddie Izzard] You say 'erbs but we say herbs. Because there’s a fucking h in it.[**Eddie Izzard]

Sorry for the hijack. Just that your post reminded me of it. :slight_smile:

I pronounce it with the h, but think it should have been an horrific
It would be more correct that way.

Unless you’re speaking British English, no, it wouldn’t. The rule we have is that you only use ‘an’ when the word starts with a vowel sound.

The rule here in the UK is the same - ‘a’ before a consonant; ‘an’ before a vowel; with the exception of ‘h’!
It is correct to say ‘an hotel’, ‘an horrific’, or as my friend Greg rips the piss out of me for saying, ‘an hilarious’.
This is probably a throwback to the upper class habit of dropping their h’s, but we can’t legislate for why linguistic rules apply, they just exist, and English is the worst culprit of stupid rules… I’m just pointing out that it is a rule!
I now live in an area of the UK where people commonly say, ‘my hair needs washed’, or ‘my car needs fixed’ so my pedantry is fully stretched.
To go back to the movie - I’m sure it’s in keeping with her character to have made the quote she did, my attention was piqued in reading the quote. I’m honestly sorry that I can’ let it go.