Identify these instrumental songs I heard on TV

First one is in a cartoonish synthesizer style that screams “Italian animation from the 70s”.
C D E F … F E D# D … D E F# G … G F# F E ("…" = 12 notes pause)

Second one seems popular with business documentaries about the emerging Asian markets.
G A G D G . . . . . G A G A C2 A G A G D F . . . . . F2 . E2 C2 A . repeat

For what it’s worth (as a bonus info): That hauntingly beautiful piece that invariably got played in BBC? documentaries whenever there was something about quantum effects or nanotechnology (back in the 90s when this stuff was new and mysterious), that’s Aquarium from the classic Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns. Took me ages to find out. And quite embarrassing too, as I had to listen to it back in school. Maybe this was nagging someone else too, hope you find it useful.

If I have nothing more to post, thanks in advance.

Tough ones, eh? I’ll assume one bump is allowable here.

About the second song, I was just looking for that too! A friend of mine told me it’s of a Japanese composer named Ryuichi Sakamoto and it’s from a movie: Furyo (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence). The song is called Forbidden Colours and here you can find a live instrumental version –>
(The theme starts at about 50 sec)