Identify this 60s-era song, please.

In this age of (legally!) downloadable music, I have found just about every obscure song I can recall from my entire life. Save one.

The singer was a girl/woman. The song was on a 45. I remember the house I lived in when I had the 45, but not the exact year. I will say that I believe I lived in this house from around '67 to maybe '69, give or take a year on either end.

The name of the song might have been Down By The Sea. It could’ve been on the A-side or the B-side, dunno. I can only remember some of the chorus, and only paraphrased at that, most likely. As follows:

Oh how I wish
(that) you were here with me
down by the sea

My very very vague recollection of how the singer sounded makes me think it might’ve been Ronnie Spector, but I don’t trust that memory.

Thanks in advance for any and all help rendered.

The lyrics sound like Sea of Love:

It was a hit for Phil Phillips With The Twilights (1959), Del Shannon (1982), and The Honeydrippers (1985). Maybe you heard a female vocalist singing it?

Thanks, Walloon, but I don’t think that was it. Anytime I’ve searched, your suggestion is what I seemed to end up with, but it’s my recollection that the rhythm and/or pacing of the song was different. I remember the Honeydripper’s take from '85. Haven’t heard the other versions, tho. I also know the quoted lyrics aren’t what I remember.

You sure you’re not thinking of “Octopus’s Garden” by the Beatles?

Could it be “Down by the Sea (End of Summer)” by Marie Applebee? A very Ronnie Spectorish sound.

You can listen to a snatch here:

Down by the Boardwalk has the words “Down by the sea,” but the rest of your description doesn’t match.

dropzone, check your email for one kiss. The sample ended just before the chorus that’s been stuck in my head off and on for almost 4 decades, but I’m excited that this is it! The rhythm of the song and the voice both appear to be what I remember! I will be ordering off the link you provided. Thank you so much!

And how did you find this? :confused:

I’m simply a Google God. :wink:

I knew I knew this song. I knew it! I recognized those lines. And I searched a little.

And then dropzone posts and I realize…

I’ve never heard it in my life. Weird.

Just to rub your nose in it, neither have I! :smiley:

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