Identify this 80's/90's movie themes album?

Ok, we used to have this old cassette that we played all the time on long car trips. It may have been called “Movies’ Greatest Hits” or something, and it was definitely made in early 90’s or late 80’s. I’ve tried searching through Google and Amazon, and I’m coming up with nothing, so I’m hoping one of you remembers this album too. I’m positive that it had Highway to the Danger Zone on it, and I’m pretty sure it also had the Ghostbusters theme, Ico Ico, and Great Balls of Fire. Is this ringing any bells? Any chance it’s been put onto a cd I can buy by now (seeing as I haven’t seen my cassette in years)? Or am I just imagining things again?

Not sure, Dirx…according to, the following albums contained Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone, but none of them meet your other criteria.

1985 Billboard Top Hits: 1985-1989
1986 Billboard Top Hits: 1986
1986 Top Gun
1997 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Greatest Hits
1999 80’s Monster Rock
1999 80s Monster Rock, Vol. 4
1999 Rockin’ 80’s, Vol. 3
1999 Top Gun [Expanded]
2002 Movie Soundtracks
2002 The Essential Kenny Loggins

You’re certain that Danger Zone was on the album?
Of course, this could easily be yet another case of turning to shit recently. For instance, how is an album of “Billboard Top Hits: 1985-1989” released in 1985??

Here’s one with Iko Iko and Ghostbusters, but not Danger Zone:

And here’s one with Danger Zone and Ghostbusters, but not Iko Iko:

That’s it! Er, well, sortof. I guess we must have had a couple albums with similar songs on 'em. I recognize all those as songs I listened to in one go, so I know I definitely had that album. But I also remember some songs that don’t seem to be listed on that album (Danger Zone being one, of course). The second link there doesn’t seem to be it, but I’ll try and find it and check it out anyway. Guess I’ll have to keep looking, but Hal Briston’s info should point me in the right direction.

::Puts down on the list of useful websites I really ought to know about::

Thanks so much, the both of you!

Not a problem. Just so you’re aware, now requires registration, but if you don’t feel like doing it, offers valid logins.

Good luck!