Identify this Antiquated Computer Game

Alright. Time to help me figure out what this game was.

I must have played it 10+ years before. It was on a Mac, but I don’t know if it was an exclusively Mac game or not.

The game was a platform game, with no scrolling; you could see the whole level at all times. Your character was a man. It was black and white only.

The first level consisted of a set of horizontal levels, connected (by ladders?) on alternating sides, so that you had to work your way over and down and over and down…
There were bats in it, and you had a boomerang? or something to attack them with.

The other level I remember (I think the second) involved a set of teleportation chambers that you had to go through, and a large bubble that you had to get into to float to safety. There were large insects (ants?) running around on part of it (they occasionally teleported with you if they were in the booth when you went.

I know: random. But if anyone knows what this game is or, better yet, where I could find a copy of it and other really ancient games like it, I would be overjoyed. Thanks much.

I remember it too, but sorry, I can’t remember the name (no doubt it’ll come to me at about 2 am). I played it on an Apple //e (128K of RAM, a real beast!). I think the third level involved flying around on little bird thingies.

Damn good game though, second only to the immortal Aztec…

The game you’re talking about is Conan (like the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie). There was a thread talking about this game a few months ago, but I couldn’t find it in the search engine.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it was only made for Mac/Apple computers.

I’m not gonna link to anything (and I urge you all to do the same), but the generic term for old games of which the copyrights (supposedly, at times) expired is “abandonware”. A web search might give you some nice places to start looking.

Definitely Conan. I have a copy of it on floppy disk somewhere (5 1/4, even). I might have the apple II disk image, too. If you drop me a line, I could probably e-mail you the disk image and a few pointers to get it running under an apple emulator.

Man, what a great game, though. It was a proud day in my life when I managed to beat it. It had, um, 6 or 7 stages, I believe. Quite impressive for an apple II game.