What was this game? (Mac)

I used to play a macintosh game probably in the early 1990s though the game may be older than that. It was a fairly simple military conquest game where you had tanks, ships, and possibly planes and you moved across a map capturing factories that allowed you to make more tanks, ships, and planes so you could further your expansion.

Anyone know what game this was?

It sounds like Strategic Conquest.

Yes that’s it, thanks very much.

A web-based game based on that old Mac app is available here. If you want to get the original game up and running on a modern computer, you’ll definitely need an emulator. I’d check out if the easiest emulator to set up (Executor) works with it, but the game still being sold at $25, and thus is not abandonware.

Thanks BigT. Everything I read suggested that I needed to have OS9 or earlier running in some form or another, either on an old computer, or via an emulator. As I don’t have access to OS9 I wasn’t going to worry about it. Will check out the web game though.

I played something similar, but different than that. I loved that game!

Is anything similar available for Windows machines?

If you read the linked article it states in the first sentence that it’s similar to (copied from?) Empire, which was what I thought of from the OP’s description. I played Empire on a Data General MV/8000 when I was in college.