Help me find this game, and then help me find it on Mac OS X

I had this on an Acorn Archamedies 20 years ago. You flew a 3d shape - I THINK a pyramid. Essentially the controls were thruster, fire, and orientation of the space craft. There was a fully 3d landscape, which was infinite (in that you would return to where you were if flying in a straight line).

I could have sworn it was called lander but can’t find it. And I want to run it on a modern mac.

Holy christ I’m an idiot, I asked this question on this very board six months ago as another google has just shown me!

Let be this to be a lesson for less drugs when younger!

But still would like advice on how to get it going!

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Thanks Colibri,

I would add it doesn’t have to be precisely this game, just something very similar to it. I have these… urges…

It looks like the guy doesn’t want to release his source code. You can always ask, though. At least try to get him to consider a MacOS port. But if that doesn’t work, you could try emulation.

The original Lander is here, and there’s an Acorn Archimedes emulator here. But, it seems to be pretty much a development version, so that may not be sufficient.

So let’s go to the DOS port, Virus. Just fire it up in (the Mac OS X version of) Dosbox, and you’re golden. (Normally I wouldn’t link to an abandonware site here, but the site claims to be legal.)

If you’re iffy on that (or don’t like the downgraded graphics) you could always try running one of the Windows ports in DarWINE.

ETA: Here’s a video of VIRUS in action.

It was called VIRUS. Haven’t seen it for a long time though, so no idea whether it is available on the mac.

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Marvellous, the DOS plan worked, a thousand thank yous :smiley:

I wish I could find Blood and Redneck Rampage that will run on OS X.

Both were originally DOS games, and are old enough to find on Abandonware sites. Both are on the DosBox Wiki: Blood; Rampage

Since the wiki mentions a way to buy Redneck Rampage for less than $10, I’d suggest going that route. And if it comes with a file called dosbox.conf, you can use that with the MAC version of dosbox.

Just note that these are very late DOS games, so they probably have high system requirements in dosbox.

ETA: And “Glad to help” to Angry Lurker. I’m a big retro game enthusiast.