Identify this automobile

There are two cars in the above linked photo. Sorry, one is only partially in view, so it might be tough (if not impossible).

Can any of you car enthusiasts identity the make and model of these cars?

green one looks a bit like a Studebaker, not enough of it to give a year.

You don’t have an account on Flickr or Photobucket, do you? Picasa crashes my browser before I can see the photo.

The visible one is a 1958 Olds 88.

The invisible one is a 1951-1954 Ford. With that little chrome it’s probably a Mainline.

I agree.

On preview, see I’m a little late to the Olds party.

Slight correction, 52 to 54 Ford. The 51 Ford used the cat eye tail light same as the 49 and 50 models. My father has a 51 Ford Customline.

That’s a beautiful picture.