Identify this blues style song.

I was listening to a blues radio show the other day and heard a song I liked, but they didn’t identify the artist. The chorus was like “you say you love me, you say that you want me”. It soulded like it was a female singing, and they were playing songs in alphabetical order by artist, and the artist’s name was near K, L or M in the alphabet.

No idea, but I had to share this – if I put “you say that you love me” “you say that you want me” into Google, the first hit is a Backstreet Boys song. They do blues, right? :wink:

Given the history of the Blues, those lyrics could hardly be less helpful. :frowning:

(singing to myself, “Mu-u-ud, Shar-k-k”)

Which station? Can they help you?

Quite often radio stations post their playlists online. That’s generally the first place I check in these situations.

They do for this show, but its a week off. I was hoping to find out before next weekend.

I know the lyrics are not very helpful but I’m pretty sure they the singer has a name that begins with K or L, since they were going in alphabetical order, and they played it before Muddy Waters.

Do they involve the Edgewater Inn in Seattle? Circa 1970?

What style/era of blues does the station play? You mentioned Muddy Waters, so classic blues as opposed to more modern stuff? A mix? Could you name the station so I can get a better idea of the style? The lyrics are quite generic…

I did find something called “You Say You Love Me” by the Marshall Tucker Band. Not female, but maybe sort of “blues”. I couldn’t find a video of it on youtube, but I listened to a snippet on itunes and I can kind of see how one could think it was a woman singing.

First verse:

You say you love me
I don’t know, I wonder why
You, yes you say you need me
I don’t know, I wonder why
Maybe tomorrow I will know
Maybe tomorrow it will show

The station was 570 AM in Youngstown, Ohio. They have a two hour blues show every Saturday night. I’m really not familiar with blues music, so I have no idea about styles. Here is the show’s website

I could wait to find out the song next weekend, but it’s been driving me crazy.

Also, thanks for the responses Kneepants Erasmus, the Humanist.

Mudshark, here’s the playlist for the Dec 20 show, found in their archives section. If it was that show, the most likely song would be “Find a Fool, Bump Her Head”,KoKo Taylor, though I couldn’t find a link to the lyrics, and don’t have a copy of that album to be sure.

The next femme in that alphabetical range is Denise LaSalle, who wrote “Find a Fool…” for Bill Coday, who had a Hit with it. Nice segue by the DJ, if that was the order. Denise sings “Santa Claus Has Got the Blues”.

Hope that helps ya in direction.

It was from the 12/26/09 show, so I think I’ll just wait until they post the playlist from that show.

The song was “Wrap My Head Around That” by Lucinda Williams.

I’m glad you solved the mystery. If you liked her song, try looking for more alt country music. There are other female singers in the genre that you might like too, like Jesse Sykes, Kasey Chambers, and Eleni Mandell. Other bands like Old 97’s and The Drive-by Truckers are great too.

Aha! Well, that’s a lot better than my suggestion. I actually thought of her, and searched through some of her lyrics to no avail. Do you still like it? This type of thing has happened to me many, many times in the past and when I finally learn what the song is and listen to it again – I no longer care for it. Quite frustrating.

No, I still like it.