Identify this car from Three O'Clock High (1987)

Partially shown vehicle except can it be identified?

It’s true that if I search every muscle car after awhile I will most likely find a match for the front seat/steering wheel.

Any luck from this -

I just posted that comment about this vehicle on that page. It wasn’t added by the previous contributor because it’s not shown well. Although a main character does get out of it.

The car is shown in this movie clip, but it’s no better than the pictures you linked to.

One of the commenters on that video identified it as a Dodge Challenger based on the steering wheel and the dash, most likely a 1970 though difficult to tell what year.

It’s a 'cuda. 70-74, but can’t be sure of the year.

It has a Dana 60 rear end, so that generally marks it as Chrysler.

The interior panel is missing, but the door handle is cuda

The steering wheel is cuda, as is the seat and the dash looks right.

The body lines looked like it right away, but i couldn’t be sure. But the rest matches.

It could be a Challenger, but I am voting cuda. I think the body crease that a Challenger has would be visible in the camera angles. But, it is hard to tell.

And I think Chyslers were the only ones to do leaf springs?

I’m really tempted to say a GM muscle car based on what I see from the rear quarter panel and the interior shot. Most likely a Chevelle or Nova. I see from Telemark’s link there is a Chevy 2 Nova in the movie so that may be it…

FWIW, I found another site that said it was either a Challenger or a Cuda.

Looks like it was copied from another web site so I’m not going to link to it.

Oh it IS either.

But which one?

Cudas and Challengers have, as far as I can tell, the same inner door structure. Which these pictures match. I’m still voting cuda, just because of this shot. it just looks more like a cuda. I think the door has less curvature in a Challenger.

I’m surprised the imcdb doesn’t list it.

And in the whole, wide internet, it is surprisingly difficult to find a picture of the door structure!

You couldn’t tell year from anything in that clip.

it’s almost like they are deliberately hiding the car’s ID, If the inner door panel was in, you could tell. He even hides the quarter window, which would also be a dead giveaway. But between cudas and Challengers, Most Original Parts Are [del]Replaced[/del] interchangeable, so seats and steering wheels are not hard identifiers.

no, the Mustang and Cougar also had leaf springs.


You can tell by the door. The 'Cuda had the window crank below the door handle, the Challenger was slightly above it.

Compare photos 12 and 15

Actually, 1970 AAR 'Cuda (or a clone).

The AAR (340-Six pack) was only produced for the 1970 MY. It was the only Plymouth model with the exhaust in front of the rear tires.

The AAR 'Cudas the Hemi 'Cudas, and 440 'Cudas (MT) all came with the Dana 60, but ony the AAR 'Cudas had the exhaust in front of the rear wheels. In the pictures, the exhaust is obviously aftermarket, but it would make no sense to give a big-block car a small block exhaust, even aftermarket. So, if it isn’t a 1970 AAR 'Cuda, it was made to look like one.

AARs only had 8 3/4 rear ends. And whatever that exhaust is, it isn’t AAR. It looks like it is coming out of the quarter panel!

Yeah, the flinging himself across the quarter window is not a thing an actual person would do, they’re trying to hide it. Also bonus Lisa Simpson at 15 seconds!

Could be, the half-second of quarter window you can see looks about right. Clearly we need to find somebody with a Cuda and somebody with a Nova, get pictures of them from that angle …

Actually the easier way might be to measure the spacing of the lugnuts. Mopar and Chevy both used 5-bolt wheels, but different spacing on the lugs. Good luck getting a scale bar out of the clip, though (you’d use the wheel diameter, but those are clearly aftermarket wheels so probably not stock size), and it’s only 1/4" difference (Chevy 4.75", Dodge/Plymouth 4.5").

The exhaust is Mad Max/NASCAR style. And the axle isn’t really a great point to ID it by; swapping in a heavy-duty truck axle to replace the stock glass rearend is one of the first things you do when building a hotrod, innit?

The Chevelles didn’t have bucket seats, and I don’t think the Novas did either. Never owned a Nova, but I cut my teeth in a 72 Chevelle.

But it looks like a brand new Dana 60 under an old car…

You’d put a Dana 60 in for limited slip … right ?

You’re right. I should have known that (or, I used to know that; now I know it again).

The Dana 60 is to support greater torque. Sure-Grip (limited slip) gearset could be had in just about any differential offered. I used to have a 1965 Barracuda with a 7-3/4 2.93 Sure Grip.

But, looking at the steering wheel and seat, it is obviously a E-body Chrysler. Based on the door, it’s a Barracuda. If the Dana is factory, it’s a big-block 'Cuda; otherwise, it is a clone.

Everybody did leaf springs. That was like the default suspension for a car of that era.
Chryslers were known for using torsion bars, but that was for the front suspension, not rear.

The wheel is consistent with a Barracuda, in that you often see Baarricudas on those rims. I have no idea if they were a factory option or aftermarket, and they would probably fit on a lot of cars either way.
I’d go with the people who think they have recognized the differential, doorhandle, and steering wheel.