Identify this interlude from Fresh Air

Last night, I heard an interesting interlude on NPR’s Fresh Air. It was a really amusing piano medly, where interpretations of various classics were layered simultaneously. NPR’s site doesn’t seem to have “Musical Interludes” lists for any recent Fresh Air show, so I’m not hopeful I’ll find out what this piece is called using the website.

I snipped the 58-second interlude from the podcast version of the show and uploaded the MP3 file (1.3 MB). This sound familiar to anyone?

I dunno, but would like to. So I’ll bump this once.

I only heard one classical piece in the clip. It seems to be a slightly jazzed-up version of the first movement of the Sonata in C Major K. 545 by Mozart. You might have some luck Googling that and “jazz”.

I couldn’t get it to load, but there is a piano player known for blending classical into jazz and back - his name is Cyrus Chestnutt…I think the particular piece I am thinking of is entitled Baroque Impressions…

Actually, sorry - in rereading your OP I see that it is just a blend of classical pieces, so probably not Chestnutt - however, his stuff is very cool! :smack:

It could also possibly be Jacques Loussier, although he generally performs with a trio.