Identify this movie from a vague description of the dvd cover.

Not much to go on, here - the cover features a guy pointing a gun down, with an implication he is shooting a baby, implied by blood and a pacifier in the air.

I am told I have seen this movie and asked to supply the title, but the cover description doesn’t sound familiar at all.

Ring any bells?

I was thinking Shoot 'Em Up, but couldn’t find a poster or DVD cover with that image to match.

Found it: Man Bites Dog.

Thanks so much, that has been driving us crazy.

I never saw the pacifier on the cover - and had been thinking of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Easy confusion.

There is actually a rape scene in this film that is graphic and horrifying. The only thing I’ve ever seen that compares on the level of discomfort I felt while watching is the rape scene in Irreversible. The Man Bites Dog scene was removed and banned from the United States release. It actually changes the whole tone of the film to have it missing, but if you live your whole life without seeing it you’re probably better off.

I love artistic expression through film, but even I believe there are lines that need not be crossed.

It’s one of my favourite movies. (In some of the countries, the baby pacifier is changed out with a jawbone or simply zoomed into Ben)

It’s in the DVD release.

From IMDB: