identify this (probably classic 80's) scifi future movie

Like I said, probably a ‘classic’, late 80’s movie everyone has seen. I don’t see a lot of movies. I remember only one specific part of it:

A bunch of people are in a bubble-contained cafe/restaurant, and the oxygen is suddenly turned off/removed from it (or something like that).

I am not against the possibility that The Governator may have been in this movie.


Sounds like a scene in Total Recall.

Definitely Total Recall.

There are earlier movies that have something similar – The Slime People and The Bubble (aka The Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth, but they’re from the early 1960s. If it’s a 1980s movie, the already-given Total Recall is probably right (especially if it’s got Arnold in it.)

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Yep, Total Recall.

They obviously didn’t understand that terraforming Mars would be such a hazard, they should have flipped the switch to the alien machine much sooner! I love how after they did finally flip the switch it took a whole 5 minutes for the whole of mars to have a breathable atmosphere.

I’d like to see a good remake of TR…

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Just for the record: it wasn’t a classic.

It also reminds me of the scene from Batman where the Joker gasses the museum, including the museum restaurant.

Also not a classic.