Identify this sci-fi short (long)

This is my first CS post, and an insomnia driven thread. Laying awake in bed for hours with nary a wink, I recall an excellent short I saw some time ago. IIRC, it was a show similar to Twilight Zone, but more recent and in color. Perhaps Outer Limits?

Anyway, I’m going to try to give a truncated synopsis to the episode in question, from memory many years ago, with likely several mistakes.
It begins in a rural area of the US, perhaps set in the 1950s. There is an abusive husband, with a submissive wife much younger than him.

He is digging a well, when he scampers from the hole and exclaims that “the bottom just fell out of the hole all the way to China”. He then lowers a flashlight by a string, and feels a sudden tug on the string. He pulls it back up, and there is a pot of gold on the end of the string, along with an eloquently written note thanking him for the gift.

The man immediately races off to the hardware store.

In his absense, the wife lowers a ham down the hole, feels the tug, and pulls back up another pot of gold. This time the note says something to the effect of “Our scholars have determined the food you sent to be HAM. Very tasty. Please accept our payment for your kind services, and send more please”. She then experiences the same results with chicken.

“Our scholars have determined the food you sent to be CHICKEN. Very tasty… etc. Please send more”, accompanied with another generous pot of gold.

At this point, the abusive husband returns with an electric winch connected to a 55 gallon oil drum. He fills it flashlights, and lowers it down the hole. Once again, a tug on the cable. He raises the drum, and to his dismay, there is no gold this time. In fact, all the flashlights have been destroyed and returned to the drum.

This infuriates the man, who grabs his shotgun, and orders his wife to lower him down the hole in the same 55 gallon drum.

This time a huge whomp, noticably jerking the truck with winch holding the cable.

She winches back up the drum, and once again, it’s filled with gold. The note reads, “Our scholars have determined the food you sent to be TURKEY. Very tasty. Please send more”.

Can anybody recall this episode/short film/whateveritis? A link to the series and/or episode (or whatever) would also be graciously appreciated.

The “Thanksgiving” story from Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories” series.

That’s it! Thank you, Earl Snake-Hips Tucker.

A cursory google provides this [url=

Is it frowned apon here to ask for links to scripts?

fixed link

Of course, I meant “upon”.

I read the story I think you’re looking for in an anthology when I was younger. I remember the husband getting eaten and the wife always saying “landsakes”. I would love to know the name of the story I read and locate a copy of that anthology.

The short story is probably Hey, You Down There, by Harold Rolseth.

This is what I came in to post. I’m pretty sure there’s been a thread about this story before, and I almost thought I’d asked it, but in searching threads I’ve started for the past five years I don’t fine it.

Wait a minute, I just found it. The thread is from 2013