Identify this song

In the Dexter episode “Lost Boys” in one of the scenes where Trinity is in the bunker with the kidnapped boy, a song plays. It’s not the one from the record he plays (Frankie Avalon)- this is a female voice, although it also sounds old, maybe from the 50s. Lyrics I could make out are something like this:

don’t you know i love you baby
can’t you see my heart is true
whisper in my ear tell me all …i’m dying to hear
darling i’m so in love with you

My google fu has failed me!

I just played that scene and Googled some of the phrases and there’s no Google hits at all. Maybe the song was recorded just for the show.

It looks like at least some of the episode is on YouTube. Can you find the part with the song?

Is this the song?
The Diary

No. You can watch the episode here. The song starts at 30:20.

The song has a somewhat old country flavor to it, like Patsy Cline era.

I think the OP nailed the lyrics aside from there being at least one “tell me, tell me” that I thought I heard. Since the lyrics aren’t googleable, it makes me wonder if the song is either really obscure or even just made for the show.

I just thought of something. Unfortunately I don’t have the episode anymore, but if anyone still has access to it on their tivo…closed captioning often will identify the name of a song. Anyone willing and able to try that?

No luck. CC says “50s-era song playing.”