Name That Tune from the Supernatural TV show

My friend is going nuts trying to find a song. It’s from the TV series Supernatural, Season 1 Episode 21, “Salvation”. It’s at the beginning of the episode. The Internet thinks it’s Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas, which apparently is on the DVD version, but the Netflix version is different. Help? Shazam does not pick it up.

Wow, this is crazy weird. Carry On My Wayward Son is the song that plays in that episode on DVD and when it aired. In fact, after season 1(where it aired in the penultimate episode), it then aired as the re-cap in the finale episode of seasons 2-present.

I thought perhaps they did not get streaming rights for Netflix, but if you check out season 3’s finale, Wayward Son is back.


Oh, and sorry, I don’t know the replacement song.

Here is the original, by the way.

And nope, it is not credited in the credits as far as I see. I’d look up “this is the calling”, which seems to be the repeated phrase.

FWIW, as I recall (and my recall is pretty damned good, but certainly not infallible) “Carry On My Wayward Son” was the song played during the “Then” segment of episode 22, the season one finale, “Devil’s Trap” (and sadly, my DVD set doesn’t have it, they subbed a different song). I’d check my DVDs for the song from “Salvation”, but for obvious reasons I’m not sure it’d be the right song. Also, my daughter borrowed the DVDs.

There seem to be great steaming piles of “what’s that song” heaped through out the INternet, based on searching for the lyrics. I guess it’s just a fragment.

No, read my post. It was the penultimate episode the first season and the finale in every other season.

Just listened to it on Netflix. Sounds like a generic song they made up just for the show since they didn’t have the rights for Wayward Son.

Odd that the DVD would have the original music but not Netflix. I usually hear gripes about it being the other way around.

Sorry, no idea about the dubbed in song, every version I’ve seen (on original network airing and TNT syndication) had Wayward Son.

Funny thing is, they use a fair amount of music in that show and I’m guessing a lot of it is still on Netflix.

Furthermore, Wayward Son *is *on the finales of the other seasons on Netflix.

Can I play too? Still on the theme of “different medium = different music” - I bought “Mystery Spot” on iTunes, and the music in the last scene, where Sam sees Jess standing on the street corner, is not listed in the episode credits. By searching the lyrics I thought it was “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust” by Woody Guthrie, but I’m not sure at all, because I can’t hear enough words on the episode, and I can’t find a an actual recording of Guthrie’s song. I’ve actually lost sleep over this.

I may be a little late on the uptake—I was just researching this too. But, for future reference:

The song is Penance/Murder by Christopher Lennertz, a soundtrack composer that does some stuff for Supernatural (This is from the Music (Original Score) page of Supernatural Wiki). As far as I know, the song is not published in its entirety.