Supernatural is back tonight!

My poor DVR is so full of all the new shows I dont think it can take much more. But I will be watching this one live tonight as it is one of my guilty favorites.

From tonights ep is:

Seven demons, based on the Seven Deadly Sins, are released into the world and the brothers must combat them with the aid of a married Hunter couple.
Cant wait!

If that’s the same series that’s filmed up here, I looked after the three rats that ran across a field in a episode about a year or so ago. They were real sweeties too.

I really must watch the show one day.

Guilty favorite, hell. I love this show and I am unashamed!

Same here. It’s creepy. It’s funny. It’s got HotDean.

And it’s got lines like “He full-on Obi-Wan’d me!”

It’s the perfect show.

And “I full-on Swayze’d that mother!”

I am here to say that I am a middle-aged woman of above-average intelligence, and I love me some Supernatural!

Thanks so much for the heads-up! I was wondering when my TV boyfriend (Dean) would be back on the screen again.

We’ll have to DVR it of course. Why do all the good shows have to be on Thursday nights? On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have nothing to watch. Then on Thursdays I have to DVR Ugly Betty because of My Name is Earl and 30 Rock, and I have to DVR Supernatural because of The Office. What a predicament.

Feh, I don’t so much care.

(No, my VCR is not set to tape tonight’s episode and I’m not getting home exactly at nine o’clock, why do you ask?)

I have to work tonight, so I had to choose between Earl and Ugly Betty, and The Office and Supernatural. Why can’t at least one of those shows be repeated?

I chose Earl and Supernatural.

Maybe the others will be available on-line.

So, will tonight’s Supernatural have a head-in-a-box joke?

After the pea-soup joke, any meta-reference is possible.

AuntiePam, for what it’s worth, Ugly Betty and The Office are definitely available online.

Yay! I’m all ready to watch! :slight_smile:

(Yes, that’s all I have to contribute…)

Hurrah for the return of the Winchesters and their awesome, awesome car!

This show is one reason I’m glad I have teenagers. I can watch shows like Supernatural with them and say I’m spending “family time.”

We are all going to be out tonight, but we’ve got 2 VCRs. Thursdays are always a programming nightmare. I imagine they’ll be set to Office, Ugly Betty, and Supernatural. Having given up on Survivor makes the evening at least do-able.

What was that some Doper called the show, homo-erotic brotherly love? It works for me, anyway. Not one bit of guilt about liking to watch teh hotness.

I don’t know about hotness, but I dig the brother-brother rivalry, and phrases like, “…when you go all Jennifer Love Hewitt on me…”

the snide references to OTHER supernatural shows, as if those OTHER shows aren’t “real” but theirs IS…I find it quite amusing.

Probably me. :smiley:

I liked it! Not crazy about the Perfect Shiny Mary Sue with her Shiny Perfect Hair and magical knife, but I *loved *the seven sins. I remember Lust got dunked after the makeout session, but which one is left?

I also hereby nominate Bobby to honourary TV uncle–Dean and Sam are already, of course, TV boyfriends–because he is just that fabulous.

(Also, I love that Dean’s saving Sam is a selfish act–maybe the one purely selfish act of his life. And Sam is going to bitch at him for it and save his soul and bitch at him some more, because both of them are love.)

Just when I think Bobby can’t possibly get any more awesome … ::sigh::

Does anyone here know what kind of car he was driving?

Anyways, I am well pleased. They seem to have upped the ante on the gore, or possibly gotten a higher special effects budget or something.

And they used my favorite AC/DC tune for the music behind the previouslies, adding to my ever-growing list of ways this show was invented just for me.

Camaro, maybe?

I’m glad they’re back but I thought this installment was a bit lame. I didn’t chuckle even once, and those demons have watched way too many horror movies. The dialogue was so trite.

The guys spend half the hour whining about how they don’t know how to kill these things, and then a normal exorcism takes care of them?

I liked the blonde with the special knife, but I think it’s also kinda lame that she doesn’t stick around and explain herself, help the guys out. They appear to be on the same side and all.

Looked like a 60s or early 70s vintage Olds Cutlass to me.

Oh ditto on this! I rolled my eyes when she appeared. To cheer myself up, I rationalized that, sure she may be *really * fast at running away, or maybe, just maybe she can disappear and that means she’s *evil * and following Sammy around with ulterior *evil * motives. That makes her more interesting for me, at least.

(Granted, I’d be following them around with ulterior motives too…the motive being to take pictures of their brotherly devotion and cool car…)