Identify this spider, please?

This picture was taken in PA. The spider is actually eating a lantern fly. The neighbor who took the picture wants to know the type of spider. I’d like to know, too, as well as finding out if it’s possible to get more of them. Lantern flies are a real problem around here.

I think it’s some type of Jumping Spider.

Maybe a bold jumper? Though it does look fairly large for a jumping spider. The lanternfly is around 3/4" to 1" in size, isn’t it?

About that size, yes.

Not sure if it’s the bold jumper. No image I’ve found of it so far has the orange legs or antenna or whatever those hairy orange lengths are.

There are some here that do have orange-ish legs. Apparently orange colouring is more characteristic of juveniles. The abdomen marking does look the right shape. Not sue about size, though.

Oh, that’s Trevor.
I’d say some Phiddipus. Not this one (unless the distribution is wrong) but pretty similar.

A spider has 8 legs and 2 pedipalps. I’m not seeing any orange appendages though - I think the orange thing across its abdomen is an orange pattern on the abdomen.

Neighbor says that the spider is not hairy, so I think that lets out the jumpers?

Your neighbor doesn’t know what they are talking about. The spider is very obviously very hairy from the photo.

Yeah, I looked at it again and thought, “Wait a minute. That spider is too hairy.”


It’s a ‘scary’ spider. The worst kind!

I really dislike the hairy jumping ones!

But hairy jumping spiders are the most fun of all the spiders! They jump, spin in place, and many have gorgeous iridescent fangs! I kept one little guy alive at my kitchen window for weeks. I’d feed him bits of raw ground beef dangled from a thread.

Jumping spiders are the kittens of the spider world.