Identifying a movie

Saw part of this one, with the sound off, in a hospital waiting room this weekend.

The female lead looked like a younger Lindsay Lohan (but was probably not her). Wardrobe and cars seemed a bit on the retro side. Visuals suggested at least a couple of song-and-dance numbers. One scene that managed to be understandable without sound or subtitles had the female lead, in a red leather jacket, apparently failing some sort of audition, after being shown apparently voice-acting earlier in the movie.

I know this is pretty vague, but does anyone recognize this?

La La Land?

That was my thought, too, but I checked and Emma Stone did not wear a red jacket in either of the film’s audition scenes.

She does wear a red jacket at some point, though.

Good catch.

“Streets of Fire,” maybe?

I’m guessing it’s not Ash from Sing. I mean, the description is otherwise close but I think you might have remembered if the female lead was an animated porcupine.

(laughing) I wasn’t that scatterbrained at that point. This was definitely live-action. :slight_smile:

And we do have a winner: La La Land, 2006, Emma Stone in the lead. I googled the possible title and got a poster that matches visuals I do remember.

Thanks for the help, everyone! I don’t know if I’m going to bother to hunt this down to fully watch it, but IDing it at least gets it out of the “things that are bugging me” category (always too large).

La La Land, 2016. . . Sorry, but when I read 2006 I kinda freaked. I know it wasn’t that long ago! :slight_smile:

Sorry about the typo, especially when the correct version was upthread. It’s been a tough weekend.