idiot neighbors

I know I’m probably on the wrong board for
this as i do think its mindless i’ll continue anyway.i want second opinion.
I live temporarily with my dad. The bitch next door to him has been yelling hoe
At me through the wall at 5am the past four days.
She didn’t start yelling at me until her male acquaintance started saying oh chis saysthe same
Thing the past five yearsand proceeded to yell hoe slut and whore at my window at 2in
The am. I dont prostitute myself out,i dont climb in cars with anyone.
I dont go tomens homes. They dont come to me and the only person i am out in
Public with is my bf of seven years. They don’t know me and i sure as hell don’t want
To know them. I ignore them and go back to sleep. They wake me upthough

Is this jealousy? Is the guy mad at me because imnot sleeping with him? Ineed amale perspective.

Some Hispanic dude started yelling out loud when i was going by saying she sell her pussy. And hoe this and that. Im like wtf.idont do that shit. Why am i beinghounded by strangers?
That was so umcomfortable and demeaning. I wish i had a freaking gun sonetimes.thar won’t solve anything, i cant let this keep bothering me.

Pardon mytypis im typing on a small phone.

Have you told your dad about this? I would tell him and ask him to go talk to the neighbors. If that doesn’t work call the cops for noise violations and disturbing the peace.

Where about a do you live?

Might be time to crank up the tunes at say…4AM?

How about this: some day when you happen to see them, say: “Hi, there. This is kind of embarrassing, but I thought you might like to know. Our walls are pretty thin, and in the night I can hear the intimate names you call each other. It doesn’t bother me, but the other neighbors are starting to talk about it.”

Maybe starting with “hi-diddly-I” would make it sound even more like Ned Flanders.

Other people can be very frustrating but unless it is your boss or a family member try not to pay attention to what they say

The obvious solution is to yell back “Rake!”.

I’m not altogether sure that the rapscallions next door would be acquainted with 19th century English insults.

I assume you’ve tried all the simple things, like keying their car. Maybe it’s time to escalate.


Hoeand rake


Hoe: (Variant spelling of ‘Ho’), 1. A prostitute; 1.1 A woman. [OED]

Rake: (Dated) 2. A fashionable or wealthy man of immoral or promiscuous habits. [OED].


Send her a nice fruit basket. If that doesn’t make her stop at least it will confuse the hell out of her. “WHAT YOU THING I CAINT AFFORD FRUTE??”. If they keep waking you get some earplugs.

no u are on the right
board for asking anonymous strain
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pentameter. we’ll believe

Just tell your pimp it is cutting into your business and he will take care of it for you.

One i dont have apimp i am not a lady of the night. Funny thing is isshe isgetting evicted. Prob solved.

Voice to text is a wondrous thing.

Just ask Jesus Crisco.


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