Idiotic question, or: Podcasting for Dummies

My radio station wants to start offering some of its programming as podcasts. As production director, I’ve been tasked with getting the technical information so we can put some pilot programs up over the summer with the aim of offering games and such this fall.

The basic question I have is, how do I put this stuff up on the Web? Is there a special format the file has to be in, or can the webmaster post it as an mp3 and call it a “podcast”?



I don’t know details, but it is my understanding the mp3 has to be provided via an RSS feed for it to be a podcast.

This may be a useful link

Also, this tool might be of use

OK, one more link, some of the stuff here is free (feedforall isn’t)

Any luck MsRobyn?

I downloaded a trial version of the Feed for All software, and have just been trying to get some extra web space to upload files. The software looks easy enough to use, though.

Hopefully, I’ll have something up this week.


I wonder if one can use or msn’s blogging function or any other free blog services to distribute podcasts, and hence not need any web space.

You can; I have a paid LJ account, and so can start a RSS feed, which is all podcasting is. But the Feed for All requires that the original file be hosted on a website, and I don’t think I can do that with LJ.

The tricky part is that these files are in .mp3 format and between the format and the file size, I’d have to use FTP to put them up on the Web. Which is not that big a deal, but I need to find Web space that allows a) .mp3s and b) large .mp3s.

Unless I’m completely misunderstanding things.